How do You Fix Ruined Rice

Cooked rice is the first step anyone can take if they are amateurs. However, you may run into problems once you are running this simple task because no one is perfect. In certain, your rice be it white or brown rice can be ruined, which is not suitable for the dish. When you face this … Read more

Why Rice Called a Cereals Grain

About half of the world’s people, including East and Southeast Asia, depend on rice as their staple food and rice also called a cereals grain. Rice is the seed of the grass species and is scientifically known as (Oryza Sativa). It is the third-highest agricultural product in the world. Worlds 95% of people eat this … Read more

Top 5 Staple Foods for Weight Loss

With the weather changing day by day, it is very important to add fresh seasonal fruits and local staple foods for weight loss to our diet. Colored foods are known to have important health benefits. If we eat this kind of food we can live a healthy life. These foods help you to get rid … Read more

Cooking Rice is an Art

Rice is the great grain in the world. This is the ultimate care and the best part is that anyone can build it. If you can boil water or press a button, you can cook rice. Concentrate on it, you can become skillful in it. Cooking rice, not an art but it is essential to … Read more