Joy Brought by Enjoyer – Glendale

Enjoyer 1

I wanted something sweet after dinner, but nothing too heavy or would leave me filled with regrets. Enjoyer met all of my criteria and I’m so glad to have tried it.
Nutella bar to the left and Almond Banana Bar to the right. No, I didn’t order both! I chose the 1st one and my brother picked the 2nd one.  Both were so delectable, creamy, and rich. The great thing about this treat is that it has a perfect balance in texture and flavor. They have a good variety of flavors falling between fruity, sweet, and spicy. I love chocolate so much that it leaves me feeling unadventurous in trying other flavors.

What are your favorite ice cream stops and flavors? Please share.


Place: Enjoyer

Location: Glendale, CA


22 comments on “Joy Brought by Enjoyer – Glendale

  1. Oh man, that looks delicious!

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  2. I wish this place was closer to us!! Looks super!

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  3. We love the Dairy Queen because it is only open for part of the year. During the dead of winter we drive by and remember summer. Then in spring we drive by waiting and hoping for the cover to be off the sign and the NOW OPEN sign to be lit. Winter is then officially over!

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  4. sheblogsandsips

    Looks so tasty!

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  5. Tokyolocalsites

    Thanks for stopping by. Enjoying going through your blog !

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  6. This is mouth watering post. Thanks for the visit.

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  7. Looks really good, Cecilia. You can make creamery treats like these at home, really easily, without an ice cream maker or churn. Just think of all the things that would provide that consistency: mashed banana, cream cheese, etc., and melt, and add-in flavors. It’s delicious. I made up recipes; they’re really good.

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  8. sweets! my greatest weakness. thank you for visiting my blog!

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  9. Have you ever tried gelato? It’s Italian ice cream, but better. I love strawberry ice cream. I’m a simple girl. 🙂

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