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Embarked to La Monarca Bakery – South Pasadena 

La Monarca 1

La Monarca has a couple of locations, but I typically gravitate to the one located in the heart of South Pasadena. It is next to the Metro Goldline Station, so a train would pass by every ten minutes or so; great place for my nephews because they love the train. For me, I love the atmosphere of this restaurant- the natural lighting, the rustic furniture, the smell of fresh baked goods, and the friendly dogs that sits outside. No, it’s not the same dog every time; but it’s always a pleasure to see a dog wagging its tail at the sight of you.
The open-faced Vegetarian Chorizo Sandwich is my favorite thing to order. It doesn’t look beautiful in pictures, but its tasty I swear. Their meals are good, but what drives me in are their pastries! I love that it is fresh and they present it so well in the display case. It is always hard to pick one (as you can see). I wanted to get even more, but my conscience kicked in – reminding me that getting more will not be good for my weight nor health :p. I always have a bite of each (sometimes two). Thank goodness for my brothers and boyfriend who can do me the honor of savoring each and every piece.

La Monarca

Place: La Monarca Bakery

Location: South Pasadena, CA


4 comments on “Embarked to La Monarca Bakery – South Pasadena 

  1. Thank you for dropping by my blog.

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  2. It’s true that food brings people together, or when they get together, they like to be around food. Good food, good conversation, and good time. All the pictures look yummy. Thank you for liking my blog. I’m a semi-vegetarian. Not all the restaurants in LA are vegetarian friendly yet, but there are some.


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