Checked in @ Banh Mi Che Cali – Alhambra 

Che Cali 9.5.16

It has been a great Labor Day weekend and I hope it was the same for you and your loved ones. I really wish that our weekends last three days instead of two, but its better to have it now and then than to never have it, right?

The first meal I kicked off with was some to-go food from Banh Mi Che Cali. I love this place; so affordable and hits the spot every time. It’s definitely a bang for my buck.

I got the Bahn Mi (Vietnamese cold sandwich), Banh Cuon (rice noodle rolls, but translates to “rolled cake” in Vietnamese), and an iced coffee (slow dripped with condensed milk). These are some of my comfort foods because I’ve been eating it since childhood.

So random, but every time I eat the Bahn Mi or drink the iced coffee, I cannot help but think of the French colonization and the influence they have on food in Vietnam. The sandwich uses french bread and it was the French who introduced coffee to the Vietnamese. Even until this day, a French Press (manual drip brewer) is still used to make their coffee. I find it very interesting… and very delicious.

1-Che Cali 9.5.16

Place: Bahn Mi Che Cali
Location: Alhambra, CA


6 comments on “Checked in @ Banh Mi Che Cali – Alhambra 

  1. If you go, you must order their iced coffee 😃


  2. I love coffee with condensed milk. And I’ve had Vietnamese food a couple of times. I like it. Your plates look interesting, but I found your background pointer a really significant addition in making this way far more interesting, overall! Welcome to WordPress, and great first post! Thank you for thinking of me!


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