Street Vendors

Food of Echo Park Lake


I was a high school freshman when I first went to Echo Park. I was there for the annual Lotus Festival and I immediately fell in love with it. The local food vendors, the view of DTLA’s buildings  sitting far across the lake, the palm trees, people who are paddle-boating in the lake, and the countless Blue Dashers (dragonflies) that zigzagged above the lily pads and lotuses. Everything is captivating and mesmerizing.

10+ years later and Echo Park Lake is as charming as I remember it. Such a vibrant place to enjoy the day with loved ones and to fill my stomach. Elotes (Mexican-style corn) and bacon-wrapped hot dogs are absolutely my weaknesses. I typically buy the corn from the vendor who grills it since it’s more fresh. Besides, the charcoal flavor just adds a whole different flavor to it. My brother got the pork and beans Pupusa (Salvadorian dish), which came with a side of salsa and pickled cabbage. They both costed $2 separately. I like coming here for fun, but it also feels good to  support the local vendors in the community.


Place: Echo Park Lake
Location: Los Angeles, CA


4 comments on “Food of Echo Park Lake

  1. Great Food and great price!


  2. The photo shot is wonderful!

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