About The Static Food Bin

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Greetings! Hello! Hi and welcome to my page!

First and foremost, thank you for taking a moment from your busy day to be on my site.

My name is Cecilia and this is my blog- The Static Food Bin.

I was born and raised in the chaotic, yet beautiful city of Los Angeles. I love my city and the food that is in it. My weaknesses are pizza, anything covered in chocolate, and ketchup. But because I do not discriminate, I pretty much eat the whole world. Food is my most favorite subject to photograph. I’ve become one of those people who takes pictures of food in 30 different angles before eating it. Now I’m making a space  for those million food pictures, which explains the birth of The Static Food Bin.

The Static Food Bin is a virtual display case that exhibits my hobbies in photography, writing, and eating. Moreover, it is a space where I can flex my creative muscles and create things out of “thin air.

Another purpose is to connect with other food lovers, bloggers, and readers. Hopefully, that person is you. I believe food is what truly brings people together despite any differences. If you like drooling over food pictures (like I do), then there’s a spot for you here!

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome (in fact, they are greatly appreciated). You can drop your words here.

Again, THANK YOU and I look forward to sharing my static food bin with you. Just don’t forget to subscribe! 😉



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