Hello, Ramen Yukinoya – Arcadia 


Let’s talk about Ramen.

Growing up in LA and raised in a low income neighborhood, Ramen was one of my go-to foods- cheap, easy to make, and substantial. My mom sometimes would make it fancy by adding bok choy, eggs, and any available meat.

So when  Ramen became a trendy food to eat, I became really excited about it. It taste absolutely like nothing in childhood because it’s way better. Way, way, way better. My boyfriend and I enjoy trying new Ramen spots as well as revisiting old ones. One of the places we revisited recently  was Ramen Yukinoya of Arcadia. The murals inside is one of the things that makes this place memorable.

We usually share a combo (if available) of Ramen and rice bowl. This time, we ordered the Spicy Miso Ramen with extra egg and the Char Siu Bowl (BBQ pork bowl).

I typically resort to the thicker and spicy broth. What about you? And did you eat Ramen while growing up?




8 comments on “Hello, Ramen Yukinoya – Arcadia 

  1. Ramen sounds good all the time!


  2. I love ramen and spicy is best!!

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  3. I love Ramen, even if too spicy is not a friend of my tummy lol

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  4. I have instant Ramen in my cupboards. Does that count?

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