Coffee Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich – Get Shaved | Northridge

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Nutella Ice Cream that is sandwiched by 2 Macadamia Nut Cookies

Just found out a couple hours ago that today is  National Coffee Day! Woohoo! Coffee is my daily potion in the mornings and it is a luxury that I don’t want to be without. I have been fascinated with coffee since a child; watching my mother ingest her daily dosage. I would beg her to give me some, but she would discourage me with frightful consequences such as it will stunt my growth and make me crazy. I guess that is a good way to scare a young child from caffeine.

Now as an adult; I like my coffee black, strong, and potent. Hopefully, you can slice a moment from your day to enjoy coffee in a form of your choice. Yesterday, I had  the Coffee Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich from Get Shaved in Northridge.  I originally had the Nutella ice cream, but I switched it because it didn’t taste  anything like Nutella. The Coffee Cookie Ice Cream was so creamy, rich, and ambrosial. It had such a strong coffee flavor which danced well with the sweetness and crunch of the cookies. I loved it!

Coffee Cookie Ice Cream that is sandwiched by 2 Macadamia Cookies


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