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Once upon a time, I lived on the Big Island of Hawai’i. I resided in the town of Hilo where it’s really lush, green, abundant of rain and sunshine. This experience easily hits top 3 in my life’s event and I’ll never forget it. Before Hilo, I mostly ate seafood or vegetarian meals- not because I didn’t like meat or poultry,  I just never craved it. That all changed after living in Hawai’i because there were a lot of spam musubis, loco mocos, chicken katsus, and teriyaki covered everything available everywhere. Cannot help but to convert to meat and I’ve never turned back since.

There is no place like Hilo; but  Shakas  (Hawaiian/American fusion) does a great job in making me feel nostalgic. I love their large tiki structures, plants, and the Hawaiian Reggae playing in the background. My boyfriend and I shared this huge feast composed of the Loco Moco Burger w/ Fries, Chili Spaghetti topped with Fried Chicken, and a set of traditional Spam Musbi. I still cannot believe we emptied all these plates in our belly.

Top Left: Loco Moco Burger- fried egg, crispy onions, lettuce, gravy; w/ side of fries and cantaloupes. Bottom Left: Musubi – traditional; rice, spam, teriyaki sauce with a blanket of seaweed. Right: Chili Spaghetti topped with crispy chicken

11 comments on “Shakas | Alhambra

  1. wow, that burger looks amazing! And the chili spaghetti….YUM

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  2. Fried chicken on spaghetti?!? As a Southerner, I’m embarrassed I never thought of that!
    I have visited Hilo several times in the past 10 years and have fallen completely in love. The scenery, the food, and the people are something special!

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  3. It looks like a feast and Hawaii sounds absolutely lovely. Am saying that looking out the window, it is pouring down with rain and it really feels like the summer has left!

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  4. These look delicious!!

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