Taco Talk | La Bufadora in El Monte

I’ve been nesting in the Land of Tacos (aka Los Angeles) my whole life and suddenly there’s a day dedicated to tacos. Yep, today is National Taco Day. I celebrated early at Tacos la Bufadora in El Monte this past weekend by ordering the  Baja fish and shrimp tacos. I love the specials they have here and the food is absolutely scrumptious. The batter of the fish/shrimp is so thick and crusty. Plus they have a bar of condiments that contains strips of onions, limes, cucumbers coated with lemon juice, jalapenos, and these wonderful whole Jalora Peppers (yellow jalapenos).

These tacos were effortlessly deposited in my stomach along with a side of Carne Asada Fries and Horchata. This place has the best Mexican seafood tacos I’ve had thus far. It would be great to live closer to it! But maybe it is a good thing that I live far from it… You know, for my belly’s sake.

Carne Asada Fries

Baja Fish Tacos | La Bufadora in El Monte

6 comments on “Taco Talk | La Bufadora in El Monte

  1. Those fries look amazing!

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  2. Oh, to be able to 3D print things like that, right from my phone… (sigh)

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  3. This meal makes my mouth water. I have not tasted cucumbers coated with lemon juice, sounds good. Maybe every one knows about this but me, I don’t eat out too often lol I have been to San Fransisco but not Los Angeles but would love to visit there. The FRIES and TACOS look so good! :)) Jen

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