Aloha Factory in Alhambra

Aloha Factory is a very cozy spot with comfort food of Hawai’i. Their Orange Chicken must be the best I’ve ever tasted – freshly fried with thick, crispy coating, along with a side of sweet and sour sauce with mini Mandarin Oranges in it. The sauce is the highlight of the Orange Chicken. Next best thing are their Musubis- the rice and spam ratio is on point with a good splash of teriyaki sauce on the inside. I also like the lady who runs the place; she is super benevolent. Food always taste better when there’s a friendly face behind it.

Lame joke, but what do you tell someone you love when you haven’t seen them in a long time? I MISS-YOU-bi. These jokes must be filtered out or it will rot in my brain.

Click here to find my Yelp review on Aloha Factory.

Right: Orange Chicken Left: Char Siu with Veggies In the Air: Spam Musubi (CHEERS!)

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