Dough Box Pizza & Bread – Boyle Heights


Pizza is my most favorite thing and I eat a lot of it. Yesterday,  on National Sausage Pizza Day, I discovered the best deep dish pizza EVER from Dough Box Pizza & Bread ! I was so blown away by the flavors, textures, and structure of their pizza. It is so brilliantly constructed; the crust was crunchy, durable, and remained intact throughout my binge. The crust tasted buttery; the cheese was sweet and gooey; and the sauce was robust, voluminous, and flavorsome. The pictures does it no justice!

Large Deep Dish Pizza – Half pepperoni/bell peppers and half sausage/mushrooms

Click here to see my Yelp review on Dough Box Pizza & Bread.


2 comments on “Dough Box Pizza & Bread – Boyle Heights

  1. callmetrav

    This looks great!

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