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Ernie’s Burgers – Alhambra


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Spotlight: Ernie’s Burgers in Alhambra

You can’t blame me for becoming a regular at Ernie’s Burgers (or anyone else for that matter). Their burgers and fries got me hooked since it first opened (about 4 months ago) The great thing about Ernie’s is that they have a huge menu on burgers, breakfast, and Mexican food. Yes, there are many places like this in Los Angeles County, but this is my absolute favorite. I used to have another favorite, but Ernie’s kicked it out of the field.

There hasn’t been one meal that I don’t like from them. The usual food I order are their regular hamburger special, taco plate, corn dog, and chili cheese fries! These are my type of comfort food and I usually leave feeling cozy and satisfied.

Click here to read my Yelp review on Ernie’s Burgers.


3 comments on “Ernie’s Burgers – Alhambra

  1. The chili cheese fries, wow!

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  2. Robyn Santos

    That looks amazing!! Iʻm actually moving into that neighborhood soon so I will definitely check it out. I canʻt say no to a good burger!

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