Confessions of a Food Blogger

Confessions of a Food Blogger: Struggles and Goals

My belly, wallet, and I had a meaningful conversation and we concluded that it’s time to take a break from the food binge. :p Not only will it prevent further weight gain, it will also redirect the “weight” back to my wallet. Because let’s face it; food blogging can be an expensive hobby when it is not carefully planned out.

The Confession:  It’s too often that my over-excitement steer the wheel in all decision making on food. I want to eat here, there, and everywhere because it will be great for my Instagram and website. So that’s what I would do – eat, eat, and eat! The worst part is that I would over order, so that my food pictures would look  more appealing. Yep, guilty! So instead of one donut, let me have five. I don’t want two cupackes – I want half a dozen! Let me also have a large side of fries right next to my large burger and I might as well get some ice cream after to complete the transaction. Yeah, this over order affects my wallet and I’m starting to feel irresponsible with my spending.

I’ve also gained some weight since I started this blog (which is a month and a half ago). Sure, I enjoy working out several times a week, but I’m not burning as much calories as I am eating. D’OHHH!!!!

Just a handful of instances when I over ordered and over ate:  

The Goal: I need to find balance,  discipline, and create an effective blueprint for my blog. I’ve decided to spend only two days of the week to try new places (VS every other day). This new discipline will redirect me to discuss things other than the food I eat, which is a great opportunity to write pieces like this. I think it is important to reveal the highlights and struggles as being a food blogger. One of my goals is to build a good relationship with readers. I hope broadening my topics will do just that.

Have any of you experienced these struggles or is it just me? I would love to hear about other struggles that other food bloggers endure. My next topic will be about the HIGHLIGHTS of being a food blogger. 🙂 because of course, there is that too.

Alright folks, wish me luck.  HAPPY SUNDAY!



46 comments on “Confessions of a Food Blogger: Struggles and Goals

  1. Yea, my girlfriend over orders a lot. I end up eating it all!

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  2. I enjoy reading your blog fatty! I can’t forget drooling every time I come across your IG. Keep up the drool worthy posts. I’m proud of you!


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  3. primarilyplantsblog

    I just started a food blog, and this is definitely something I’ve been thinking about- I feel your struggle 🙂

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  4. Love your honesty! Nice to know I am not alone in my over-indulgence of all things food. lol. Love your posts, they are full of ideas for things to cook in my own kitchen!

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  5. A very nicely designed blog! By the way, have you ever asked the owner to do a photo shoot “without” ordering all the extras? Good exposure for them, good on your wallet and health.

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  6. So true. Speaks of our minds 🙂

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  7. I am not sure I agree with you. I find that since I have started food blogging, I am more aware of what I am eating and what others eat. I have found, for exampe, that some food bloggers stay clear of refined sugar.. a goal I hope to achieve. I think if you focus your attention to the right place, food blogging can actually lead to healthier food choices. Love your post though, and thank you for sharing and your honesty. Keep up your excellent blog!

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    • Hello Annika!

      It’s interesting and helpful to hear a contradictory viewpoint. I definitely do need to focus my attention on the right place and that is what I am figuring out right now. Hearing your perspective was enlightening and I’m so glad you shared it with me. 🙂 Also, thank you for your kind words. I’m sure you know how much I adore your food + photographs. Keep it up! Have a beautiful day.

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  8. Great post!! I’m sure every food blogger hits this dilemma at some point. I mostly cook at home, but it’s the same– cooking for the sake of a blog photo, instead of what’s best for the family??? And baking and eating and eating… And my other, perhaps bigger, struggle is the time I spend with the blog. I don’t want it to take time away from friends or taking care of our older parents or time with our kids or other creative endeavors –drawing, reading, gardening or praying and being true to my faith… So you’re right, it’s a balance. And I’m always working on it to keep things that are truly important in the place they should be. OK, that’s probably too much– but you open and honest post set me thinking. thanks! xo

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    • Rhonda, thank you so much for sharing and it’s really great to hear your perspective. It’s nice to know that there are others who are going through the same dilemma… and you are here to also remind me that it is all about “keeping things that that are truly important in the place they should be.” you said it perfectly. 🙂 ❤

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  9. I totally understand! I think for me right now (as a new blogger), I am trying to focus on creating a blogging schedule for myself so that I can focus on it at certain times throughout the week without letting other things in my life feel disorganized or feeling burnt out! It’s a struggle! But creating that balance is worth it if it’s something you are passionate about!:)

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    • Hi Vanessa! You’re right, creating a calendar schedule is extremely vital in this blogging world. I like to create a “to write” list and would refer to it when needed. But I think inserting these items in a calendar will increase my organizational skills. All trials and errors right now, but still enjoying every bit of it. I hope you are, too! Keep up the work and don’t give up 😌


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    Here is one of my most popular blog from The Static Food Bin that I would love to share with you. 😀

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  12. Yes I have put on weight…I attempted a crab linguine six times before I got it perfect for the blog and you have to test it 😉 great post by the way 😁

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  13. Oh my god yes especially when one is hungry, not just over-excited, YOU OVER ORDER. So jealous of your lovely pictures of LA food and wow they all look so good. Wish I can go to the US sometime soon!

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  14. First food blog I’ve read and I like your honesty, food blogging is something I’d like to get in to but I don’t want the weight gain and honestly, having recently graduated I don’t have much money. I’m leaning a lot towards doing my own bit of contemporary cooking since that’s what my friends seem to love about me… do you have any other quick tips on food blogging on a whole?
    Would be much appreciated x


    • Hi there! It is nice to hear from you and thank you for you kind words.

      When you are food blogging (or blogging in general), it’s important to find your niche and finding out what works for you. It is a great start to do contemporary cooking if you already honed that skill :). Good luck with that.

      Also, I’m having trouble accessing your website.


  15. gracecodot

    Hello! I’m new to the blogging world and post about books and food. It would be awesome if you could possibly spare some of your time to check out my blog and give me some advice. Thank you! 🙂

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    • Hi there! Happy Monday and congrats on your new blog!

      Due to high requests, I’m planning on doing a tutorial/tips on blogging. Stay tune for it!

      Also, I believe there is a typo on your URL as your link doesn’t work. (that has happened to me before in the past). Good luck! 🙂

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  16. Lovely post. I tend to over order always as well although that’s because I feel I’m more hungry than I really am. Have been good blogging for a while so have a look and have shared some of my confessions also 😀

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  17. Apeksha Adme

    I enjoyed your piece of writing. True story girl!

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    This is my first blog post that received 100 LIKES! Woohoo! I have learned a lot since this was written. Some things has changes and some haven’t. I cannot wait to share it in my next confession! 🙂


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