See’s Candies, Northridge

The Static Food Bin honors good food and desserts of Greater Los Angeles.

Spotlight: See’s Candies

“You talk about chocolate like it is your boyfriend, “a dear friend once said to me.

It’s true. Chocolate can easily cast a wicked spell on me. My eyes sparkle at its highest intensity when I see a delectable, luscious chocolate dessert post in my WordPress, Instagram, and Facebook feed.

My mom didn’t buy it often when I was a kid because she claimed that it would rot my teeth. Because of her false reasoning, this fine treat was often scarce in my childhood. It became more present when I started making my own money. I love chocolate so much that I would have it for breakfast or lunch during high school (sometimes both meals) Chocolate chip cookies, assortment of chocolate bars, brownies, or ice cream were on the menu. Although I did this, I highly DO NOT recommend it for anyone! It sounds awful, but these memories arise when I reminisce about chocolate.

Now as an adult, I still have a healthy dosage of it. Good news is that it’s no longer a breakfast or lunch option. Some of favorite chocolates are from See’s Candies, which is why I went there today for National Chocolate Day. I made sure not to over order and I think I did pretty good. 😀




12 comments on “See’s Candies, Northridge

  1. Let us not forget its positive effects on one’s libido :O

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  2. Chocolate breakfast is best breakfast!

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  3. Karen Yencich

    It must be said that See’s Chocolates gives samples. Yessssssss!!!!!

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  4. These look amazing!… On a note about health and chocolate. I recently heard about a woman who ate 2 pounds of chocolate every week, and she lived to 119. Was her longevity due to the chocolate? I’ll let you decide 😉

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  5. I love See’s! It always smells amazing in there!!

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