Wurstküche – Los Angeles; Art District

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Spotlight: Wurstküche in Los Angeles Art District

Happy Halloween, everyone! I didn’t partake in any festive activities this past weekend, but I did go to Wurstküche to celebrate my accomplishment of becoming a YELP ELITE! Yep, that takes dedication and I was so thrilled to be part of the squad. The video attached is a compilation of photos that were taken at Wurstküche. Most shots were taken by Steven. 🙂 Him and I usually come here for special occasions. Otherwise, we are pretty good at avoiding overly crowded places with long lines and limited seating.

I love Wurstküche. It houses a variety of exotic sausages, draft beers, and delicious double-fried fries. I love the food, vibe, condiments, community seating, and cucumber water. I mentioned condiments because they have about six different types of mustard on their table- honey, dijon, and I can’t remember the rest. But trust me, they have many delicious sauces on and off the table (some you have to pay extra for). They also have this killer apple ice cream sandwich, which I only have had once or twice. Gosh, I wish I have one of those right now…

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  1. Wow, great pictures!

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