Gresescent Ice Cream – Downtown Los Angeles



Thanks to Yelp and Instagram, Gresescent casted a gravitational pull on me and you can’t blame me. Their perfectly shaped scoops parked on a homemade maple waffle cone will enchant you, too.  This past weekend, I had the pleasure of trying their exquisite ice cream flavors AND got the “inside scoop” on what Gresescent is all about.

Gresescent is a charming ice cream shop that is planted in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Their interior is lush with elegance, florescence; and is simplistic by design. Their ice cream flavors in contrast are quirky, complex, and imaginative. They embody the ideology of “different, yet familiar;” creating flavors that taste like home as well as adventure. They perfect each flavor through tedious trial and error, verifying that each flavor lives up to their name “Gresescent” and it surely does.

Gresescent’s purpose is to deliver a magical experience to all visitors by providing ice cream that is made with the finest ingredients, which is then delivered by the outstanding customer service. They want you to leave feeling happy, warm, and nostalgic of childhood. They know you deserve it.


Sea Salt Chocolate Ganche and Blackberry Mint Mojito

Fun Facts about Justin, Manager of Gresescent Ice Cream:

  • His two favorite flavors from Gresescent is Sea Salt Chocolate Ganache and Blackberry Mint Mojito.
  • He has a business partner named Sam. Sam is the mastermind of all ice cream flavors and Justin is the brain behind management and marketing.
  • Aside from Gresescent, Justin loves Haagen-Dazs’s coffee ice cream.
  • His favorite childhood superhero is Superman

Meet the Team:

Sky and Nicole schooled me with fun facts about each flavor.

*Note: Current popular flavors are:

  • Blackberry Mint Mojito: Made with homemade blackberry jam
  • Grilled Pineapple Bourbon Caramel: Made with fresh grilled pineapple and caramel!


The Static Food Bin honors good food and desserts of Greater Los Angeles.

Spotlight: Gresescent in Downtown Los Angeles


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  1. That looks great! Such a delightful looking place =)

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