Confessions of a Food Blogger

Confessions of a Food Blogger III: Recovering

The Static Food Bin will keep its word and usher you to good food of Greater L.A even after an appendectomy.

Yes, I am currently recovering from a surgery and its going well so far. I have to maintain light eating, but the good thing is that my boyfriend still gets the good stuff. So while I’m eating porridge, yogurt, bread, and various veggies and fruits; Steven gets to eat Chego, Ba Le, and other good places. I’ve been cheating a little by taking pictures of his food :D. Okay, okay. I did sneak in some bites of his ooey gooey fries, chubby pork belly, and other stuff.

Here is Chego’s Pork Belly Bowl, Steak in the Heart, and Ooey Gooey Fries. The steak sandwich was originally for me, but I only ate the bread and greens (Steven ate the steak with his rice bowl). I’ve written about Chego a little while ago and you can click here to see the post. Steven loves this place more than I do and the only times we go is when he request for it :).

Steak in the Heart – Chego – Chinatown, LA

Click here to read my Yelp review on Chego.

Banh Mis from Ba Le. Love this place because their French bread is fresh and buttery. Such great value for its quality. In fact, this is my favorite place for these sandwiches.


Here is my Yelp review for Ba Le.

At first, I was worried that I would not be able to maintain The SFB and Instagram during this period. I kept thinking that I would need to hit the snooze button and resume later. The thought made me sad because I didn’t want that. I had too much drive and was afraid the time off would reduce my momentum. I’m already taking time off work; bedridden mostly since it’s hard to move around. It’s such a change of speed and a lot to get used to. Surprisingly, no snooze button was hit. I’ve been taken doses of the SFB as a type of anesthetic; keeping my mind busy and away from the aches. Although my body cannot be physically active, The SFB has kept my brain active and healthy during my recovery. I’ll be 100% soon and am looking forward to it! 😀



19 comments on “Confessions of a Food Blogger III: Recovering

  1. callmetrav

    Thank you for sharing. I wish you all the best as you heal.

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  2. Surgery can’t stop good eats!

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  3. Wish you a speedy recovery😊..

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  4. Keeping Up With Curiosity

    The pork belly bowl looks so good!! And get well soon! 🙂

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  5. thank you for visiting my site. Get well soon!

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  6. Get well soon!

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  7. Glad you are on the mend!

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  8. Get well soon my friend! 🙂

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  9. Oh Cecelia– hope you’re feeling better by the time you read this! Enjoying all your fun food finds! take care… xo


  10. Sending you love and good vibes while you rest and heal!!

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  11. Hurry up and heal. These are some great pics. Thank you for visiting me. It means a lot knowing you are recovering☺

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