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B Sweet – West Los Angeles

Nestled in a hip and lively street of West L.A; B-Sweet has earned its place in the neighborhood. There are returning and new customers who can authenticate that. Even upon my early arrival, there were already patrons outside waiting for their doors to open.

Owner and creator, Chef Barb Batiste, articulately designed her treats to meet American classic flavor profiles yet simultaneously traditional to her Filipino heritage. You can rely on  B-Sweet to satisfy the sugary cravings of your inner child.  Just to name a few- they have brownies, donuts, ice creams, animal cookie cake, cinnamon roll cake, birthday cake, Halo Halo (Filipino Dessert), and many things in Ube. My absolute favorite was the Sluttiest Brownie! This is a brownie with 6 layers of sin: chocolate ganache, fudgy brownie, graham crackers, marshmallows, Oreos, and chocolate chip cookie! B-Sweet also has bread pudding in 40 different flavors, which rotates between 6 flavors per week. Yeah, these are only a few items from their menu! However, don’t let the name “B-Sweet” fool you. They also have savory items, coffee, and tea. Their treats are aesthetic to the eyes and decorative to the palate.

B-Sweet has two sizes for their desserts. “I’m being good” is the smallest and “I’m being bad” is the biggest. They do not discriminate here, so there is a seat for both angels and sinners alike.

Although their expertise is desserts, the B-Sweet team’s primary focus is customer service. They make sure to provide the best experience for their visitors by being genuinely friendly and welcoming. Chef Barb heavily believes in her products; however, she knows that it is her customers who make her dreams possible.


Owner and Founder of B-Sweet, Chef Barb Batiste

Fun Facts about Chef Barb

  • Before B-Sweet existed, it was her famous Chocolate Chip Banana Bread that got family and friends raving. Till this day, it is still sold at her bake shop.
  • Her grandma, mother, and aunt inspired her cooking
  • She designed every interior details of B-Sweet
  • Cooking is her expertise, but her passion is people.
  • Cake is her favorite dessert of all time
  • Her most favorite B-Sweet creation is the red velvet bread pudding

Here’s Kurt grabbing his nitrogen cold brew coffee!

Fun Facts about Chef Barb’s Business Partner, Kurt

  • He is a Graphic Designer who designed all branding for B-Sweet
  • Created the Nitrogen Coffee for B-Sweet and it recently became available for purchase at Whole Foods, Gelsons, Bristol Farms, and Erewhon Market locations in California.*The first canned Nitrogen cold brew to be made in L.A!*

With the wonderful and passionate Chef Barb

My favorites: Speculoo Bread Pudding, Sluttiest Brownie, Nitrogen Coffee, and Chocolate Malted Crunch Ice Cream sandwiched by an Old-fashioned Donut.

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Spotlight: B-Sweet in West Los Angeles


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  1. I can tell by the photo that Barb’s chocolate chip banana bread/cake would be awesome!

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  2. callmetrav

    I love your blog. Thank you for creating such a welcoming and interesting site.

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