Confessions of a Food Blogger

Confessions of a Food Blogger IV: The Mental Somersault  

Happy Monday,  Friends! I hope this post finds you well.

This may sound super silly, but I didn’t know that there were SO many food bloggers out there until I became a food blogger myself. Okay, I mean… I knew there were many, but to the degree that I’m discovering is beyond what I originally comprehended. I bet the amount of stars in our night’s sky will reflect the number of food Instagrammers/bloggers on earth. Don’t mark my words in concrete or tattoo it on your lower back, but my approximation is spot on.


The Confession:

Once in a blue moon, I would get discouraged. The discouragement stems from putting me and popular foodies in a Venn Diagram that displays our differences and similarities. I won’t lie; there are no pretty thoughts when this occurs. My feathers would get extremely ruffled when I look at their number of likes, followers, interaction, subscribers, or how amazing their photos are. I would wonder why I am pursuing this if I am just going to get unnoticed in this infinite abyss of foodies.

The Resolution

It’s all about mastering the mental somersault. It is unhealthy and very unnecessary to compare. Because c’mon, the disapproval and criticism are all in my head. Nobody can undo this thinking better than I can. Seriously, all those Instagrammers/bloggers earned all those followers and likes. If anything, they inspire me to keep going because it reminds me that I’m completely capable of attaining that as well. So instead of thinking negatively, I safely redirect myself to a positive, sunny path filled with positive affirmations.

My Advice To Those Who Goes Through This

 It would be the same advice I’d give myself- don’t compare yourself to others, but rather celebrate your courage and efforts in pursuing your dreams. It’s a waste of time to mope as nothing good ever comes from it. Instead, channel that energy to be constructive. I look at successful Instagrammers/bloggers and try to learn what they are doing that is working. For example, I see many of them build interaction with their readers/followers by calling them to action. They do this by asking questions or saying things such as “like, share, comment, or tag a friend.” These little steps make all the difference and it is something I’ve been doing more often. Do you see what I mean? Always choose productivity over negativity.

Last but not least, be kind to yourself. This has been something I’ve been better at these days. Sometimes, I slice a moment out of my day to admire my blog/Instagram and highlight the things I love about it. Giving myself positive, yet genuine affirmations helps sustains my positive outlook. If I see something that I don’t like, then I’ll take appropriate actions to change it. For example, I spent hours perfecting every details of my site – the colors, background, widgets, etc. And when this was done, I would go back to admire my work once again. I work hard on The Static Food Bin and nobody knows that more than I do. So I learned that this journey is more enjoyable when I celebrate my efforts rather than discredit it.

I want to share these thoughts if there are people who can relate to my situation. To some extent, I hope this message sparks encouragement to all my fellow food bloggers. Pat yourself in the back and do not give up.


Cecilia @thestaticfoodbin

For current photos and updates, visit my Instagram and Facebook. Have a blessed day!



30 comments on “Confessions of a Food Blogger IV: The Mental Somersault  

  1. cgamble1521

    Well, your site looks great so do keep up the positivity-ness.. i haven’t been out here long, but your site and words look to be a great asset to the community (or at least my little segment of it)

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  2. Thank you for sharing as well as for stopping by my blog today and clicking the Like Button. Blessings Always, Mtetar

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  3. I just want to say I love your blog and I think you do such a fantastic job!!

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  4. I hear what you are saying; I would just say keep what you are doing. A lot of bloggers give up after a couple of years. Our natural narcissism sometimes gets in the way ( we all have some, it is actually vital for us, mortal humans 🙂 ); I put a lot of efforts in what I do, I met lovely people along the way, and what I love, is when you feel that you have touched that one person. That makes me really happy, thinking: ” yep, they got me”. Keep on a rockin’ 🙂

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  5. Nawh, great advice Cecilia! 🙂 So full of positivity and awesome tips – it’s a pleasure to read! (Definitely got yourself a new followers here- hehe) 🙂 xx

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  6. I know what yo mean Cecilia! I started off blogging wanting lots of readers, likes etc. But it’s turned to a hobby, my own little recipe/family scrapbook and I’ve made some really sweet blog-friends, who are fun to correspond with! That’s what it is for me– and when I read a “super blog,” I can just enjoy it. Loved you rthoughful post. Hope you have a Merry Christmas ahead… xox

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    • Rhonda!!! Hi! Good to hear from you and thank you for sharing your experience! I also made some awesome friends during this blogging journey. Reading your words reminded me why I wanted to start this blog. ☺️ you have a very Merry Christmas, Rhonda! To you and your family!


      • You’re so kind Cecelia- and it’s jut fun reading your posts–like those adorable Korea Town donuts!! I’m thinking how I can get up there with my 3 grand-girls! Christmas hugs from here!


  7. I absolutely love this post – we absolutely all go through this! And your words of wisdom are SO spot on! I am by no means a “success” in this arena, but I have so much fun cooking, taking photos, meeting other bloggers like YOU, and just having a grand old time eating and writing about it, for me, I try to keep it that simple. I mean, of course one day I want to be Ina Garten, but I’ve still got time. 🙂 Cheers!

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  8. Great thoughts to contemplate there Cecilia. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Do hope you will visit again soon. Will look forward to seeing what you are up to. Happy 2017!

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