The Pink Lady Project – Popup Brunch by Chef Gary Nguyen

Let me introduce my friend, Gary Nguyen– Talented Chef, Cofounder of Cork District, L.A Ambassador of Feastly, and creator of The Pink Lady Project  (amongst many other things). Gary recently landed in “Zagat’s 30 under 30 List” and shortly after that, KTLA featured him as one of the “Culinary Superstars in L.A”. He is an Angelino who has traveled to Thailand, Oahu, and Melbourne to cultivate his culinary skills. Let’s just say his experiences have sharpened his cooking techniques and he is known for creating stunning, innovative, and unforgettable dishes.

Gary’s most current venture is The Pink Lady Project popups that are held at the Feastly Venues in Downtown Los Angeles. In his popups, he uses high quality ingredients to create radiant and dazzling dishes. Lucky for me, I experienced two of his events. The most recent popup was called the “Soju Bourgeois Brunch”, which I am so excited to share what I’ve eaten in this post.

This brunch entailed 2 entrées, 3 soju cocktails, and a dessert. I apologize in advance that I do not have any pictures of these delicious drinks (I was too busy drinking it!)

The first entrée was the Everything Brioche, which consisted of goat cheese, smoked salmon, apple, charred cucumbers, and red sorrel. This dish was paired up with a soju cocktail called the “Sour.”

Everything Brioche by Chef Gary

The second entrée was a Korean-inspired Fried Quail with Sweet Potato/Bourbon Waffles. The quail was smothered in Bell Pepper + Korean Chili Threads Sauce. The soju cocktail called the “Tamrind-Jito” accompanied this dish.

For dessert, Chef Gary prepared an Orange Panna Cotta composed of marshmallows, hemp seed crisps, basil seed, and strawberry granola. The Yogurt Soju escorted this dish to my stomach. :p

The Soju Bourgeois Brunch was so much fun and my taste buds would say the same. I cannot be more happy for my dear friend who have accomplished so much in his culinary journey. I am most certain that this is still only the beginning and that we will be seeing more of him in the culinary world in the future.

The Static Food Bin honors good food and desserts of Los Angeles.

Spotlight:  The Pink Lady Project – Popup Brunch by Chef Gary Nguyen – Los Angeles


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  1. Wonderful post. Happy New Year, Cecilia!

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  2. Beautiful post. Wishing you a happy New Year!!

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