RECIPE: Chinese-style Pork Chops/ Rainbow Carrots

Meals on a Budget – Pork – Estimate Cost: $9.00

My mom is a wonderful cook and she has given me a delicious Chinese-style pork chop recipe, which I like to use on other meat and poultry.

She uses oyster sauce, garlic, shallots, white pepper, salt, and brown sugar as a marinate. So I went along and recreate this pork chop with a few tweaks.

Instead of the brown sugar, I used honey; instead of the white pepper, I used black, and because I always love a kick or a punch, I added red pepper flakes to the marinate.

The great thing about pork is that they are extremely affordable. I bought two large chops for only $5.50. Seriously, this is amazing because Steven and I typically spend between $15-$20 at the restaurant for this!

The vegetable I chose to accompany the pork chops are a bag of rainbow carrots. This typically cost $3.00 and under. I love rainbow carrots because you get all the benefits/nutrients from each various color – yellow, orange, and purple. Also, I find it to be extremely aesthetic to the eyes! To me, a pretty dish makes the meal more enjoyable. Don’t you agree?



Marinate (per chop):

·         Oyster Sauce – 3 teaspoons

·         Garlic – 2 cloves – Sliced to thin pieces

·         Shallots – 1 whole – Sliced to thin pieces

·         Honey – 1 teaspoon

·         Red Pepper Flakes – 1 teaspoon

·         Black Pepper – ½ teaspoon

·         Salt –  ½ teaspoon


·         I placed each chop in a medium-sized Ziploc bag with these ingredients and tossed/turned the bag until ingredients are equally distributed.

·         Put in refrigerator for a day

Cooking Instructions:

·         I used a medium-sized pan and put it over medium heat

·         Drizzled about a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil

·         When the pan gets nice and hot, put pork chop in and put lid over pan

·         Cook first side for 4 minutes then flip

·         Cook 2nd side for 3 minutes with lid on pan as well




·         Salt- a pinch

·         Pepper – a pinch

I like to keep my veggies simple as I like to taste it’s natural flavors!

Cooking Instructions:

·         I put the full bag of rainbow carrots in a medium-sized colander and steamed for 15 minutes; high heat.


I know my pork chops looked slightly burnt, but it was the juiciest chop I’ve ever cooked. It was flavorful and tasted almost exactly like my mom’s! The veggies were simple and nutritious! Steven and I were very pleased with the final product!

So the estimate cost for this meal is about $9.00. I didn’t take the spices in to consideration just because I can use it for than one occurrences :p. However, even if I do include it; it’ll still be more economical than going to a restaurant.

What are your thoughts on this recipe? I hope you like it :).



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12 comments on “RECIPE: Chinese-style Pork Chops/ Rainbow Carrots

  1. This looks awesome! I love the concept of your blog – can’t wait to read more!

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  2. I can tell that is an awesome recipe. It must’ve tasted as great as it looks. I’m happy you’re eating home more, too. More togetherness, less money! 🙂

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  3. Cecilia! I just scrolled to the end and saw your follow tally! That’s awesome!

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  4. This sounds like a great recipe! Oyster sauce is an awesome quick marinade. I use it all the time by itself to marinate meat to put on top of salads, cold rolls and stir fries – but then add extra sauces during cooking time. But what you’ve added to it as a marinade sounds yum!

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