Purgatory Pizza – Boyle Heights

Purgatory Pizza is a place where you repent for all your sins with… PIZZAS, CALZONES, MEATBALL SUBS, AND GARLIC KNOTS! Sounds like a dream and a walk on the clouds if you ask me. If that is the case, I’ll sin every single day of the week, so that I can bask in that glorious gluttony.

All jokes aside; Purgatory Pizza is an amazing eatery that is located in Boyle Heights, east of the L.A River.  There are a handful of Little Caesars, Pizza Huts, and Dominos in the ambits of this district; so a pizzeria like Purgatory is a sight for sore eyes. I mean this literally, too. The exterior of their building is a canvas for graffiti art; which displays the culture and background of the neighborhood.


Purgatory Pizza renders fabulous NY-style and vegan pizzas as well as other delightful items such as the ones listed above! Seriously, a pizzeria that is vegan friendly in a carnivore’s habitat is like an oasis in a desert. And for your information, CBS Los Angeles listed Purgatory Pizza as one of the “best vegan pizzas in L.A.” *GASP! * If you prefer to purchase your NY-style or vegan pizza by the slice, or by the whole, or in a heart-shaped; then Purgatory can accommodate you.

Here’s another cool thing- they have “Pizza of the Day” (POTD) every Mondays. Their POTDs is not listed on their regular menu since it’s solely created for that particular day only. This is a strategy for pizza chefs to flex their creative muscles on a frequent basis as well as adding mystery and excitement for their visitors.

One of the things I love most about Purgatory Pizza is the indoor wall art. The quotes in large fonts paired up with bright, simple drawings produces a cinematic setting.

Purgatory Pizza is very resilient as it endured through many environmental and economic circumstances. This business did not succumb to its hardship; instead it transformed and evolved over the last ten years. The staffs’ goals consist of delivering good pizza, great service, and creating a fun and artistic place for people to hang out. If you ask me, I think they have done a darn good job.

Click here to read my Yelp review on Purgatory Pizza!

Fun Facts about Purgatory Pizza:

  • It was only a delivery service during the first two years.
  • Delivery is free if it’s within a 4-mile radius
  • It is called “Purgatory Pizza” because it is caught in the “in-between.” Not quite in the city, but not away from it either.
  • They can do heart-shaped pizzas upon request
  • Tad, owner and founder, built the dining area of this restaurant
  • They will be receiving their alcohol license sometime this year!
  • Half/Half pizzas are available here!
  • Didn’t get a picture of him, but Alex, is the Manager who oversees the business on a daily basis
  • Dane and Alex works together to create Pizza of the Day!

The Static Food Bin honors good food and desserts of Los Angeles.

Spotlight: Purgatory Pizza

Address: 1326 E 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90033


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Thank you for reading! I hope you will visit again!  🙂 Sincerely, Cecilia @thestaticfoodbin



11 comments on “Purgatory Pizza – Boyle Heights

  1. I can always appreciate good Vegan pizza!

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  2. Looks really delicious.

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  3. I need this in my life!

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  4. I can simply acknowledge great Vegan pizza!…

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  5. ThoodlesDoodles

    Just reading about this has got me craving pizza! Love finding a good pizza!

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