Confessions of a Food Blogger

Confessions of a Food Blogger: Struggles and Goals

This is my first blog post that received 100 LIKES! Woohoo! I have learned a lot since this was written. Some things has changed and some haven’t. I cannot wait to share it in my next confession! 🙂

The Static Food Bin

My belly, wallet, and I had a meaningful conversation and we concluded that it’s time to take a break from the food binge. :p Not only will it prevent further weight gain, it will also redirect the “weight” back to my wallet. Because let’s face it; food blogging can be an expensive hobby when it is not carefully planned out.

The Confession:  It’s too often that my over-excitement steer the wheel in all decision making on food. I want to eat here, there, and everywhere because it will be great for my Instagram and website. So that’s what I would do – eat, eat, and eat! The worst part is that I would over order, so that my food pictures would look  more appealing. Yep, guilty! So instead of one donut, let me have five. I don’t want two cupackes – I want half a dozen! Let me also have a large side…

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4 comments on “Confessions of a Food Blogger: Struggles and Goals

  1. I can totally relate to the cost issue. For me, food props are the culprit. Though, lucky for me, long before I started blogging, I had already taken a liking to various food props and have been collecting them, not knowing they would come in so handy one day… still, when I see something nice, I have to buy it!

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  2. Hi Cecilia!! It’s too bad you can’t just “borrow” the food for pictures– and then return it! Most of my posts are homemade food– but I know the temptation to make something I wouldn’t have really splurged on, because I know it will look good on the blog. Good for you for thinking it through!! We’ll still keep reading…

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