Gelato by Stick Station – Pasadena

Have you ever wondered if there are any authentic gelato in Los Angeles? If so, the answer is YES.

I first stumbled upon  Gelato by Stick Station at an inconvenient time- meaning I was stuffed from dinner with little or no room left in my belly. (Not like those are real factors to steer me away from desserts; because you know, there’s always room for desserts!) After one bite of their chocolate gelato, I was hooked! I knew I wanted to go back and learn more about it. So…I DID!

Gelato by Stick Station – Old Town Pasadena, L.A

Gelato by Stick Station is a cute and cozy gelateria based in an outdoor shopping plaza at Old Town Pasadena. All their dairy based gelato is made with organic whole milk and fresh ingredients. That being said, the colors of each flavor are all natural. For example, the green of the Mint Chip comes from real mint leaves and the rich brown of the chocolate-based flavors are from the cacao beans. You can rest assured that all gelato here is not artificially seasoned or dyed.


Gelato by Stick Station – Old Town Pasadena, L.A

Gelato by Stick Station – Old Town Pasadena, L.A

Brandon, Owner of Gelato by Stick Station, attended Carpigiani Gelato Univiery in Italy to learn the ins and outs of gelato-making. He cultivated his skills before bringing his sophisticated flavors to Los Angeles. So my friends, there is authentic gelato in L.A! Through his gelateria, Brandon, strives to provide authentic gelato made with fine and wholesome ingredients.

The splendid thing about this place is that their gelato can be served in scoops or on a stick. YES, ON A STICK!  If you order the “popsicle” version, you can  decorate it with toppings such as almonds, chocolate beads, Oreo crumbs, and more.

Toppings for Gelato “Popsicles”

My favorite flavors from this shop is the Bacio (Italian Rocky Road), Expresso, and Pistachio. I really enjoyed the pistachio flavor because it’s made with pure pistachio. This is rare since most places would mix almonds and other nuts in to the flavor.

Here is my Yelp review on Gelato by Stick Station

Have you tried gelato before? If so, what is your favorite flavor? 🙂

Gelato by Stick Station – Old Town Pasadena, L.A

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Spotlight: Gelato by Stick Station

Address:  62 W Union St. Pasadena, CA 91103


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Thank you for reading and I hope you come back again soon!

Cecilia @thestaticfoodbin


10 comments on “Gelato by Stick Station – Pasadena

  1. Pure Pistachio! Woot!

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  2. The stick station looks like so much delicious fun!

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  3. Gorgeous! :O

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  4. These look like the perfect dessert Cecilia!! And my daughter always says when your tummy is all full from dinner, you still have room in your (separate!) dessert box! Works for us! xox

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  5. OMG this place sounds ridiculous!! I’m headed to LA soon, must try this place.

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    • Hi Jessie!!! You have such a delightful and colorful blog! Thank you for stopping by my page and let me know if you do end up going to Gelato by Stick Station! 😀 XOXO


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