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Limericks Tavern in Alhambra

Note: This article is solely based on the Limericks Tavern in Alhambra, CA.

Although the first Limericks Tavern is located in Upland, I didn’t hear about it until the second location sprouted in Alhambra. My friend said it’s a chill place to watch sports and they had a fine happy hour menu. It’s true- their food is good, the beer brings cheer, and smiley servers to make it worthwhile.

Wait. Let me tell you why Limericks Tavern stands out in Alhambra. Due to the demographics, this city is extremely saturated with Asian food- Taiwanese, Hong Kongese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, etc. etc. So seeing Limericks Tavern, an Irish-American gastropub that offers gourmet food along with sixty draft beers and twenty televisions in one setting is out of this world.

I must also add that each TV is strategically place in a way you can see one no matter where your head turned. So if you look left, right, or straight, you won’t miss Amanda Nunes’s punch during a UFC match, or Clayton Kershaw’s pitch at the ball game- not exactly like that, but just trying to draw the picture that TVs are everywhere.

Derrick, General Manager, of Limericks Tavern (for both locations) knows that Alhambra should have a gastropub that specializes in high-quality food and beer while providing TV sport entertainment for their guests. There is no place that offers the same elements unless you travel 10 miles out of Alhambra limits (to Pasadena or Downtown L.A). In other words, Limericks is made for the locals.

As for their beers, I’ve never seen so many draft beers in Alhambra! It is wonderful because 30% of their sixty draft beers are Belgium- an Irish favorite!

60 Draft Beers. 30% Belgium.

Now moving on to Limericks Tavern’s food. They offer high-end, traditional, yet elevated Irish and American dishes. Their most beloved Irish dishes are the Corned Beef & Cabbage, Bangers & Mash, and Shepherd’s Pie. Their American dishes have an “L.A flare” to it such as ceviche, hamburgers, and New York Steak. Limericks also add seasonal items to their menu such as lobster bisque, crab cakes, and foie gras. Oh, and FYI – Thomas Keller, a well-known American chef and restaurateur, developed Limerick’s foie gras recipe!

Mac n’ Cheese

Limericks Tavern has been a great new addition in Alhambra and I look forward to my future visits. It is definitely a refreshing alternative when I feel like straying away from the norm.

My favorites: Clam Chowder, Crab Cakes, Mac n’ Cheese, and Chix n Dip.

Here is my Yelp review on Limericks Tavern 

Limerick Tavern’s Address: 300 W Main St #110, Alhambra, CA 91801


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  1. Those pictures are mouth-watering!


  2. Excellent review.

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  3. Ooo noms!! Great review and the food looks awesome!

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  4. You had me at foie gras.

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