Pistachio Kitchen in Monterey Park

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Pistachio Kitchen in Monterey Park

I’ve had my eye on Pistachio Kitchen for a while, but I made my first visit this past weekend with a whole bunch of foodies. It was such a blast because we did what we foodies do best- circled around the tables and stood on chairs to get the perfect shot. We even ate the cold food joyously and shamelessly.

However, about the food- Pistachio Kitchen houses a fusion of Chinese, Vietnamese, and American Food. There is a large arrays of protein and carbs. For protein, there’s fish, steaks, pork, chicken. For you carb lovers, there are tots, crinkled fries, garlic bread, macaroni, rice, and noodles.

My favorite dish was the fried noodles with octopus and squid. I couldn’t stop eating it!

Pistachio Kitchen has Fried Noodles w/ Octopus and Squid, Hainam Chicken, Lots of Tots and Fries, Assorted protein plates.

Pistachio Kitchen

Address: 580 E Garvey Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91755


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Thank you for your visit! Please come again soon!


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