Dough Box Pizza and Bread in El Sereno



If you are an Angelino, you will quickly realize that their pizzas pies are all named after popular streets in East L.A and Downtown Area. I’ve first discovered Dough Box Pizza and Bread sometime last year when I got hit with a major pizza pang (no surprise there). I still remember the first bite I took of “The York”- crunchy, buttery, flavorful, and absolutely delicious. The most impressive thing about their pies was the crust; it did not break apart or crumble after one bite and another. Instead, it remained intact and unblemished despite it being attacked by my enthusiastic chomps. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve discovered where the Pizza Engineers live.

The idea of creating pizza pies began at their old job at a baking company. That was where Alexandra (aka Alex) and Tony first met. She was a barista and he was a pastry chef; little did they know they were going to be business partners someday. With Tony’s baking skills and Alex’s creative ideas, it didn’t take long for them to mesh those qualities together to craft the perfect pizza pies. In 2016, they launched Dough Box Pizza and Bread with huge success.

Alex and Tony want to offer pizzas that you’ve never had before. It is exclusive as limited amount is sold per day. And guys, they sell out fast so it means they are doing something right. The duo strives in making everything fresh and with top quality ingredients.  Their tomato sauce is strictly just tomatoes and tomatoes only. Yes, that means no salt, sugar, pepper, or seasonings are added.  All vegetables are roasted in the oven and sausages are picked up right before they open. They keep things minimal with a gust of flavors and crunch. The quality of their pizzas is a reflection of their passion and love of their profession. I can easily attest that.

Small Pizza Pie

pizaHere’s a tip: place your order by email prior to when they open or a couple days early to ensure that you get one of their pizza pies. Their pizza pies take about 30 minutes to bake in the oven. However, there are regular pan crust pizzas for those who want to skip the waiting. Or if it is a Tuesday/Wednesday, you can opt to get their thin crusts! Although their pizza pies are the most popular, they have different crusts to accommodate all types.

Medium Customized Pizza Pie- Spinach, Pepperoni, Ricotta, Mozzarella, Parmesan, and garlic

Dough Box Pizza & Bread

Address: 2734 N Eastern Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032

Fun Facts:

  • The most popular item is “The York” – sausages and pepperoni (aka my first victim). However, their meat pizza pies overall does well.
  • The first location was in Boyle Heights where it was only a delivery/pickup shop. Recently, they relocated to El Sereno. Great news is that they have a side counter and stools for their customers to enjoy their pizzas on the spot.
  • They named a pizza after a customer who comes in regularly and order the same thing. It is called “The Forest.” It is a pizza pie with ricotta, garlic, onion, and cherry peppers.
  • Dough Box sells pizza pies BY THE SLICE. This is fabulous as nowhere in East L.A does that.
  • Fresh baked Brioche Buns are available for desserts


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11 comments on “Dough Box Pizza and Bread in El Sereno

  1. Definitely was a treat to try their pizzas out! Can’t wait to try it again 🙂

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  2. Natalie

    FYI Blazing Stone also offers pizza by the slice

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  3. Hey Cecilia!
    I love your blog! I have a semi food blog too (I live in the Toronto, Canada area). I love your idea of interviewing the restaurant owners and getting their history and background for your blog article. Question, do you always contact each one directly and how do most ppl react to you writing about their restaurant? Looking for some ways up expand my blog or make it less one-sided.

    Just clicked follow btw! Kept blogging! 🙂


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    • Hi there!

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed my blog. It makes me happy to know that others enjoy my blog :).

      To answers your questions- yes, I’m usually the one who reaches out and sometimes I get contacted by business owners. Most responds well and sometimes, they don’t respond at all. Whatever you decide to do with your blog, just make sure it feels right. 🙂 wishing you luck on your blogging endeavors. Have a great day!


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  4. It looks amazing. Since the chance of ever trying their pizza is non-existent, I’ll have to make my own. 🙂

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  5. Vidya Narayan

    the pizza slice with the mozzarella looks amazing ! Thanks for stopping by at Masalachilli. Cheers.


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