Limericks Tavern in Alhambra (PT. ll)

I am no stranger to Limericks Tavern in Alhambra, so I was absolutely delighted to attend their brunch/lunch tasting this past weekend. They recently released new items to celebrate the Spring and Summer. Some fantastic items are: Crab Cake Benedict, Fried Portobello Fries, Scallop Crudo, Corned Beef Hash, and much more. Sounds mouthwatering doesn’t it? In this post, I’ll share my most favorite items. Be prepared to feed your eyes with these good eats. Don’t worry, its nonfat with zero calories.

From the Brunch Menu

I am a lover of bacon and it is always my protein of choice in the morning, which explains why I enjoyed the Bacon Breakfast Plate so much. To sum this plate quickly, it is a well-balanced and hearty meal. There’s toast, fresh vegetables, two strips of thick cut bacon, and two sunny side up eggs. The vegetable medley consist of cooked asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and corn. This dish left me feeling guilt-free and satisfied.

Another memorable item was the Deconstructed Salmon Lox Bagel. This dish came with Smoked Scottish Salmon, tomatoes, red onions, capers, and cream cheese. I enjoyed this very much because (1.) bagels are my choice of carbs in the morning and (2.) I love how I can customize each bite. Each bagel piece I ate was different than the other. One would be filled with cream cheese and onions; another was topped with salmon and a little cream cheese; and so on and so forth.

From the Lunch Menu

The Pulled Pork Sandwich was a winner in my book because it had the perfect marriage of flavors and textures. The shredded pork butt was smothered in delicious IPA bbq sauce; then topped with slaw and lightly battered fried shallots. These components created a perfect harmony of crisp and tender,  hickory and sweet. Additionally, thick-cut and perfectly seasoned fries accompanied this dish. And as you know, everything tastes even better when it comes with fries.

I’m the type who prefers a meaty burger, so I was a little skeptic about trying the Fried Portobello Burger. The portobello wore a coat of harp beer batter; then topped with slaw and garlic aioli. I was quite proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone and trying this because I’ve discovered how DELICIOUS fried portobello are. I was quite surprised that the “patty” had nice meaty textures. This also came with their delicious fries, which made me merrier. I will definitely would try it again.

I respect and appreciate Limericks for developing these items and sharing it with me. I enjoyed each item thoroughly and would recommend it for others to try! Please check out my first post on  Limericks Tavern in Alhambra.

Disclaimer: Meals were complimentary, but these opinions are strictly voices of my taste buds.


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Thank you for your visit! Please come again soon!


4 comments on “Limericks Tavern in Alhambra (PT. ll)

  1. The food looks delicious!! Glad you enjoyed it!!

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  2. I’ll rally love to try this one someday sometime. I love delicacies! Nice post

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