Big Catch Seafood House in Alhambra

The Big Catch Seafood House in Alhambra  has become one of my favorite places to eat. I recently developed a huge thing for seafood and this eatery meets and surpasses all my expectations. I was quite taken aback by how much I liked it because I wasn’t a fan of the one in West L.A. I remember not liking it because my order didn’t meet the name of their restaurant “Big Catch.” I was really disappointed to see and taste old, frozen shrimp in my pasta. However, I’m glad that this location removed the gunk out of my head and replaced it with only good thoughts. I was so impressed with all of their main courses and appetizers. I’ve taken many photos and would love to share some of my favorite dishes.

My first visit at this Alhambra location was last month for my 29th birthday. My boyfriend and friends planned a surprise celebration for me and two other friends (who are also May babies). I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed everything. I loved it so much that  I went back two other times with different people.

Appetizers: Crispy Brussels Sprouts and Crispy Calamari

The Crispy Brussels Sprouts is extremely aromatic and flavorful. You can smell the aromas right when it’s set on to the table. I like that it is fried and tousled in balsamic dressing. I also really enjoyed the Crispy Calamari because it is lightly battered and topped with my fave – raw jalapenos. The batter’s texture is fluffy and a little crispy with gentle salty flavors.

Main Dish: Truffle Crab Noodles

I must say this is my FAVORITE dish out of the bunch. This comes in a pretty good portion and is abundant with crab meat. The noodles are tangled in garlic and truffle flavors. Every bite is a flavor explosion and it gets my taste buds dancing. I also really like the appearance of this meal- the crab shell was repurposed for presentation and it’s served in a tin tray. I ordered this dish during all my visits and I know I’ll be seeing more of it. I mean … eating more of it.

Main Dish: Uni Pasta

The sauce in this pasta is so creamy with unique sweet and mild flavors. There’s also a bundle of seaweed resting on top of it, which adds a nice toasty flavors. Yum!

Main Dish – “All In” Special

This is from the “steamer” section of the menu and it comes with Maine lobster, crab, king crab legs, shrimp, manila clams, black mussels, corn, and potatoes that sits in Cajun garlic sauce. It is fantastic for sharing with a group, but I don’t think I want to share it next time. LOL. Okay, maybe just with my boyfriend. It’s just that good and I love eating with my fingers. I usually go to Boiling Crab for Cajun seafood, but I would probably choose the “All In” special if I had to. There’s a lot of wonderful flavors meddling well together and I cannot emphasize how delicious everything was.

FullSizeRender (009)

And that’s that! I hope you enjoyed seeing all my favorite dishes from the Big Catch Seafood House in Alhambra. Great, now I got myself hungry!

So tell me- which dish do you want to try the most?

Thank you for your visit! Please come again soon!


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7 comments on “Big Catch Seafood House in Alhambra

  1. Everything looks so good! I would love to have that “All In” Special and I don’t think I would share it either haha

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  2. Holy WOW, this all looks delish! Send some my way! 😀

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  3. Those noodles look awesome Cecilia!! Glad you had a fun birthday celebration– I’m a May birthday baby too. Always fun to pour over your delectable posts! Take care blog-friend. xo


  4. I didn’t know that was there, I will have to check it out!

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