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Breaking the Month-long Silence

Hey, guys! It’s me breaking the month-long silence with a quick update.

I have not abandoned ship. I am still a food blogger who has other priorities at the moment, which explains the lack of posts on my blog and Instagram. The reason for my absence is because I am currently looking for a new full-time job and honestly, it’s hard for me to do everything at the same time. Although I love food blogging and all the opportunities that came with it, it doesn’t pay my bills (yet). So instead of investing my time in a blog or IG post, I am giving my 100% in writing cover letters and applying to jobs. In the past month, I got two interviews- one that did not work and another that is still pending. I’m adamant about obtaining this new job before being 100% on my social media. However, I am writing now because I miss it and I also want to share my journey with you.

Not sure if you read my “About The Static Food Bin” section, but my full-time job is in administration at an academic setting. I really enjoy working with professors and students; plus the state’s benefits are unbeatable. I’ve been told to pursue marketing as a profession and I’ve tinkered with the idea, but I’m afraid that once I get a marketing job it will strip away the joy and fun that comes with running my own blog. Do you know what I mean? I am still figuring out where I am going with my food blogging. All I know is that it will take me somewhere great. I’ll be forever proud for starting this journey and giving myself the opportunity to exercise my creative bones. In the meantime, I am searching for another opportunity in an academic environment.


So back to the story- I accepted from the very beginning that my hiatus will hurt my social media presence. It will make me lose followers, likes, opportunities, etc. etc. I’m completely fine with it since it’s only temporary and I’m confident that I will earn it all back (and more) when I begin again. With this mind frame, I did not foresee ANY of the achievements that I am about to share. It blew me away that my photos got reposted on Zagat, Eater LA, Top Food News, and one of my photos landed on one of LA Mag’s article (just to name a few). It was such a delightful surprise and I feel so honored to be recognized by these large accounts. It goes to show that my hard work paid is paying off and I’m doing something right.

Message to my friends (you): I am not using this blog to brag about my success, but rather I hope to inspire you to also do what you love doing even if it doesn’t pay you.  I invest countless hours in my food blog for the pure joy of self-improvement and enlightenment. It all started with a curiosity and fostering that curiosity with love and enthusiasm. So tell me, what strikes your curiosity?

So before I go, I do want to let you know that I have several articles brewing  and I cannot wait to share it. Until then.

My photo in LA Mag’s article – August 2017


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Thank you for your visit! Please come again soon!


4 comments on “Breaking the Month-long Silence

  1. I take announced breaks often. Everyone is always there when I get back. Your followers will be too. Your priorities are spot on. Good luck with the job hunting.

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  2. I can always wait for more awesome SFB content !


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