Garlic Noodles! Chinese Sausage! Bok Choy! Oh My!

Hello and Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone! I am so stoked to have tomorrow (Monday) off. Yesterday, I invited some of my family over for dinner. I cooked garlic noodles with Chinese-style sausage and Bok Choy . Everyone enjoyed it and I would like to share my recipe with you.

I recently started collaborating with Milk & Eggs, an online grocery store that delivers to Los Angeles/Orange County, and I am beyond proud to represent a company that I highly respect and love. As much as I enjoy eating outside food, my favorite food is made in the kitchen. Milk & Eggs helps me reach my cooking goals by providing fresh ingredients that delivers straight to my door for free. I feel relieved knowing there will be groceries in my fridge when I get home. Especially because I commute roughly 3 hours a day for work; it feels good to not have to worry about making a trip to the grocery store. If you live in L.A/O.C, I highly recommend Milk & Eggs for your produce. If you are interested, you can use my code “THESTATICFOODBIN” to get 15% off a $35+ purchase. You will see more future posts on my recipes and what I’ve purchased at Milk & Eggs.

Garlic noodles with Chinese sausage and bok choy.
Ingredients from Milk & Eggs:

·       Kam Yen Jam Chinese Style Sausage – $6.49

I used the whole pack. You can definitely use less or more if you like. I usually slice these into thin pieces. I’ve eaten this sausage since childhood and cannot get enough of the savory, sweet flavors. I was pretty shocked that Milk & Eggs sold it (the good kind of shock).

·       Shanghai Baby Bok Choy – $1.75

I used a pound of these bok choy. My mom taught me to soak these in water to clean it. I would let it sit until there’s dirt floating on top of the water. I would pour out dirty water and re-soak it in water until it is clean.

·       Garlic – $1.29

I used two whole bulbs. After I peel it, I throw it in the Nutribullet instead of dicing it. This method saves time since I’m not really good with the knife. Guilty.  I’ve also been obsessed with garlic and I add them to everything. Pretty sure the vampires are going to stay away.

·       A-may’s Noodles (Medium) – $13.00

This item comes with 10 lb. of fresh noodles! It’s awfully a lot and it is awfully awesome. I used ¼ this box. It is very easy to cook, too!  I froze the unused noodles and will defrost it at another time.

Ingredients from my pantry:

·       Soy Sauce – 1 teaspoons

·       Fish Sauce– 2 teaspoons

·       Sesame Oil– 2 teaspoons

·       Olive Oil – 1 teaspoon

Serving size: 8- 10 people


I find this dish very easy to make and absolutely delicious! I could not stop munching on the noodles during the whole time I was cooking. I prefer not to add any seasoning on the vegetables because there is a lot of flavors coming from the noodles and sausages. Keeping the bok choy bland levels out the flavors, in my opinion. My mouth is watering just thinking about this dish.


1.) Cook noodles in boiling water and use colander to drain water. Then rinse it with cold water.

2.) Throw garlic, sesame oil, fish sauce, olive oil, and soy sauce in Nutribullet. Pulverize for 10 seconds. When pulverization is complete, use a spoon to drizzle all over the noodles. Mix as thoroughly as possible.

3.) Heat up a large wok over medium heat and throw in the noodles. Stir often with spatula. For crispier noodles, let it sit for a little longer before stirring. Remove noodles from wok when you are done frying it. I usually put it back on my metal colander.

4.) Heat up the wok again over medium heat. Add the Chinese sausage and cook for a minute; stirring often.

5.) Throw in bok choy with the sausage and cook for an additional two minutes, stirring often.

6.) Add the garlic noodles in to the wok and tousle thoroughly until components are evenly distributed.

That’s my dog, Ketchup, who is eyeing my noodles!
Disclaimer: Ingredients were complimentary, but these opinions are strictly voices of my taste buds.


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15 comments on “Garlic Noodles! Chinese Sausage! Bok Choy! Oh My!

  1. Simple and delicious! The best combination 🙂


  2. that looks amazingly delish! mmm! my mouth is watering!

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  3. Sounds delicious. I love lap chong!

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  4. Oh. My. Gosh! 🌿🌱🍃😍

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  5. Looks delicious! Bok Choy is one of my favourite veggies!

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  6. These noodles are speaking to my soul…and my stomach! Looks bomb!!

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  7. Nothing better than a good, simple noodle dish – yum! 😊

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  8. Jasmine Sima

    Yum! I’m hungry now


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