Mr. Holmes Bakehouse – Spring Menu

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse recently dropped several new items in their spring menu and I was more than thrilled to try it. Here are some of the new items released:

  1. The ‘Just Try It’ Croissant – Jammed with pickled onions/oranges, Manchego Cheese, pumpkin/fennel Seeds, and house-made pastrami
  2. Lemon Meringue Croissant – stuffed with lemon curd, fresh meringue; coated in lemon sugar, and topped with white chocolate
  3. Twice-Baked Coffee Stout Croissant – laminated in coffee syrup, crowded with coffee stout cream, and decked out in a whole load of chocolate brownie bites and brown sugar cake

I’m always pleased with Mr. Holmes assorted baked goods since they always have a good line of savory and sweet items. Check out my very first post on Mr. Holmes Bakehouse that was published in November 2016. Wow, time flies when you’re eating good!


Disclaimer: Food were complimentary, but these opinions are strictly voices of my taste buds.



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