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Chunky Choco-Chips Cookies w/ Peanut M&Ms

Everyone, guess what? I’m not exactly who I was a little over a month ago and I have these cookies to prove it.


Well, I am the same person… but this time, I baked cookies FROM SCRATCH! It is quite funny that a month ago, I was explaining why I avoided baking unless there’s a prepackage box in front of me (in this past post). Now, I’m a changed woman because all I want to do is perfect my homemade cookies.

My first batch are these chunky chocolate chip cookies topped with Peanut M&Ms. Although these look quite good in pictures, it wasn’t the best. In fact- It was really dry and hard. LOL. I did not add enough butter and I accidentally overbaked it. It didn’t come out perfect and that didn’t matter to me because I enjoyed the learning experience. Most importantly, I love that I gave baking a shot. It’s way more fun than I have painted in my head.

I actually made a second batch of cookies that came out better, but I will save that for another post. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these photos.


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1 comment on “Chunky Choco-Chips Cookies w/ Peanut M&Ms

  1. You’re so cute Cecilia! I think these cookies look yummy!! Would love the recipe when you perfect them!

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