About The Static Food Bin

Hi there and welcome to my blog, The Static Food Bin– my pride, joy, and glory!

My name is Cecilia Lu and I launched The Static Food Bin in September 2016 to pay tribute to the food in my city- Los Angeles! (Mostly L.A, but I go everywhere).

At the beginning, I mostly shared my personal opinions about the food I ate at local restaurants. However, The Static Food Bin quickly evolved with whole new purposes and plans. I wanted to do more than just share my opinions; I also wanted to review the story behind the food in my city along with a large side of confessions such as my struggles, thoughts, and experiences as a Food Blogger.

So my blog pretty much has two segments that fulfills its own purposes:

1.) Deets on Eats – To share the background of local restaurants and their food. Many times, people eat food without knowing the history behind it. There are ingredients other than salt, pepper, or sugar that goes in the food. Because let’s face it, you can’t make good food if love or passion was not thrown in the mix. I really believe that food can be more enjoyable when you know the story behind it. Most importantly, you learn to appreciate it more.


2.) Confessions of a Food Blogger – What is the point of blogging if you don’t share your story behind it? For me, it is crucial to document the process and feelings of the things I’m doing. This is an essential way to connect with readers and myself, respectfully. It helps me stay in tune with my thoughts and writing it out helps me stay honest. It’s always better to be honest with people than to impress them.



  • My other full-time job is in Administration
  • Yelping gave birth to my food blogging journey
  • Donuts and ice cream are my favorite desserts
  • Pizzas and hamburgers won my heart at an early age
  • Ketchup and chili are my favorite condiments
  • I think and talk about food A LOT as you can see.


I know this isn’t a book or anything, but I have many people to thank in this food blogging journey.

I’m extremely grateful for my partner, Steven. His endless support and encouragement is priceless. PLUS, he steps up to be my cameraman/photographer when needed which I cannot thank him enough for!

My sister, Jennifer, who proofreads my work when requested. The posts with fewer or no errors is all thanks to her (which explains why this “about me” might have many syntax and grammar errors >.<). I feel blessed that she would take time out of her day to do this for me.

Another perk about being a food blogger is that you get to connect with like-minded people. I’m so, so, so very thankful for the friends I made in this community. They inspire me with their hard work, skills, and passion.

And of course, to all my readers and subscribers! I said it in my post, “Confessions of a Food Blogger: I Love You All” and I will say it again! Thank you for taking the time to stop by my page! You are the ones who makes my work purposeful and push me to keep going.



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