Bacon Egg And Cheese Sandwich

Bacon, egg, and cheese are not easy recipes to make. It requires serious attention to detail. It is not just like you would keep the cheese, egg, and bacon over one another.

Making bacon, egg, and cheese requires super skills. Besides layering the bacon, egg, and cheese, you also need good bread.

Without crunchy and good bread, you cannot make anything better at home.

Are Bacon, Egg, and Cheese a New York Special Recipe?

Though Bacon, egg, and cheese are special recipe in New York, it is famous in the USA as well as Europe.

It is one of the few recipes that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The life of the new Yorkers is not complete without eating bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

People stand in long queues for eating a bite of the BEC sandwich.

BEC sandwich has a super delicious, slightly eggy, and yummy eggy aroma that increases the appetite of a person.

The scent of bacon, egg, and cheese joins the chorus of kinds of bacon. It is a heavenly combination that melts deliciously in the mouth.

Recipe of the Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich

If you do not want to stand in the long queues on your weekends, you can whip up the best BEC sandwich at home.

Many people debate the ingredients of the BEC sandwich. Following we have given a stupendous recipe for the BEC sandwich:

Ingredients of the BEC Sandwich

1.      Bread – The Base of the BEC Sandwich

There is a huge debate regarding the BEC sandwich. Some people opine that BEC can also be made using deli rolls.

Others opine that it is the bagel with which the BEC sandwich can only be made.

2.      Egg of the BEC Sandwich

The egg is another important ingredient. There are no critical preferences for eggs.

Anybody can cook and bake the eggs the way they want them. You can prepare half-fried eggs or complete them just the way you want.

3.      Cheese

There are different types of cheese in the world. For the BEC, we recommend only American-Styled cheese.

4.      Meat for the BEC Sandwich

There are different types of meat available. You can eat turkey or sausages in the BEC Sandwiches.

Instructions for Preparing the BEC Sandwich

Instructions for Preparing the BEC Sandwich

There are multiple ways in which you make the BEC sandwiches.

Following we have written down the instructions for preparing the BEC Sandwich:

  • First of all, grease the pan and fry the eggs. When the egg has been fried, sprinkle the cheese. For this recipe, you can use any type of cheese. But we recommend you use cottage cheese. Now, fold the sides of the eggs so as to contain the cheese inside them.
  • Now, fry the meat and cook it well.
  • Grease the pan, and fry your bread.
  • In the end, you must assemble all the ingredients in the bread and make a sandwich.


This is how you can enjoy a sumptuous BEC sandwich at home. The preparation time is also low.

So, pick the ingredients and start making the epic BEC sandwich.

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