Butter Beans VS. Lima Beans

I had to google it. Do you know about it? Butter beans and lima beans are the two most used words for referring to types of beans. Are they similar or different types of beans? Let us see what they are.

What Are Lima Beans?

What Are the Lima Beans

Lima beans have availed of their name from the capital of Peru. Central American and South American people give prizes to Lima as they contain lots of nutrients and energy.

Moche civilization of the Peri had used flat and large beans in their cooking process. They started using lima beans in their cooking around 800 BCE.

There are multiple varieties of lima beans. The best types of lima beans are green in colour or creamy-coloured.

Lima beans are called legumes. These are available as pods or seeds. Fresh lima beans are butter in colour.

Difference between  Butter Beans and Lima Beans

Butter beans and lima beans are the favourite things to eat, but are we naming the two same things differently? This is why I had to google it.

Butter beans and lima beans are legumes that have a similar body. They do not only have a similar body but they are the same thing.

Lima beans, which are edible beans or seeds, are also known as sieve beans, double beans, Madagascar beans, chad beans, wax beans, and butter. So, butter beans are just another name for lima beans.

The scientific name of the lima beans is Phaseolus Lunatus. Lima beans lie in the higher classification of wild beans. They belong to the Fabales order.

In the Southern United States and the United Kingdom, the cream-coloured beans are called butter beans.

They are named after a dairy product because they have a great consistency with the butter. Once they are cooked, they get the rich consistency of the butter.

However, the entire world except Southern US and UK call them lima beans. No matter what you call these beans, they are chewy and flat beans having a greatly delicious mild flavour.

They have ranged from pea-green to off-white colour.

Nutrients of  Lima Beans/Butter Beans

Lima beans are full of many nutrients. For instance, lima beans are full of fibre, protein, and many other nutrients. It makes a superfood.

Lima beans are an excellent source of iron. Lima beans have so much iron that one cup of lima beans provides you with daily recommended irons.

The Reputation of  Lima Beans vs. Butter Beans

The Reputation of the Lima Beans vs. Butter Beans

Many of us remember the lima beans as the dish that our mother forced us to eat many times a week.

On the other hand, butter beans included the tastiest and creamiest sauce along with tomatoes.

There is only a difference in how different people cook lima beans and butter beans in their regions.

However, you can exchange the recipes and make them in the most elegant and amazing manner. So, it would be a treat to eat the lima beans as well.

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