Calories In A Cheese Stick


Do you crave good and great food like all of us? It is a natural human instinct. Eating good things satisfies our taste buds.

We cannot live without eating the most delicious items. However, we also need to look after our weight and fitness goals and review our daily diet.

Fitness goals should also be the main goal of people. So, we keep counting the calories of all the things that we eat.

The Most Delicious and Amazingly Sumptuous Cheese Sticks

Cheese sticks are the most delicious food items. It has the most amazing taste, which are the elongated pieces of the breaded mozzarella and battered mozzarella.

The Mozzarella Cheese Sticks is the most amazing food that people serve with ketchup, marinara sauce, or tomato sauce.

There are many recipes that people serve the cheese sticks with. Many people serve the sumptuous cheese sticks with barbecue sauce, honey mustard sauce as well as ranch dressing.

Calories in Cheese Sticks

We all cannot tempt the cheese sticks. So, how many calories are there in the cheese sticks?

The best way to achieve fitness goals is to balance the calories of food items in a day.

A human requires 2,000 calories in a single day. It is the best technique to enjoy all the food that you love and keep on eating lots of things in your daily routine.

Nutritional Facts of Cheese Sticks

The Most Delicious and Amazingly Sumptuous Cheese Sticks

We have provided information on the calories in 100 grams of cheese sticks. So, let us see how many calories are there in the cheese sticks:

a. Calories in Cheese Sticks

There are 329 calories in the cheese sticks. Each mozzarella sticks contain 329 calories, which makes it a high-calorie food.

It contains lots of cheese along with meat and vegetable. It is also a fried cheese sticks food item. So, it contains lots of calories.

b. Fats in Cheese Sticks

The cheese sticks have 19 grams of fats. The cheese sticks also have a higher amount of fats. In 100 grams of cheese sticks, the amount of fat is higher than you should eat during a day.

There are 07 grams of saturated fats in the cheese sticks. So, make sure to eat the cheese sticks in the moderation.

c. Total Carbohydrates in Cheese Sticks

There are 25 grams of carbohydrates in the cheese sticks.

You have to burn all the carbs once you have enjoyed them in a cheese stick. So, make sure to exercise a lot on a day you plan to eat the delicious cheese stick.

d. Vitamins and Minerals in Cheese Sticks

In the cheese stick, you can find vitamin A and Vitamin D. Both of them are good for eyesight and bone health.

There is also magnesium, iron, and calcium in the cheese sticks.

There are also 15 grams of protein in the cheese sticks.


The calorie content in the cheese sticks will increase with the amount of cheese used.

So, increase or decrease the amount of cheese depending on your calorie requirements.

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