Can Cottage Cheese Be Frozen


Most of us do bulk shopping because we do not have enough time to visit the supermarket everyday. Cheese is an important ingredient of food that is a necessity of every recipe.

Cottage cheese is a fresh cheese, which is a favorite cheese of our family.

Most of us use cottage cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes.

So, we end up purchasing lots of cheese that cannot be finished within a few weeks. So, how can you preserve the cottage cheese?

Can We Freeze the Cheese?

First of all, we must answer whether we can freeze the cheese or not. Yes, it is possible to freeze the cheese.

Most people freeze the hard cheeses that retaintheir texture, creaminess, and fluid.

The cheddar cheese is a hard cheese that does not change its flavor or texture having been frozen.

Freezing affects the texture and flavor of the cheese. So, you need to check the type of cheese before you start freezing it.

Which Cheeses Can You Not Freeze?

Which Cheeses Can You Not Freeze

There are many kinds of cheese that you cannot freeze. For instance, you cannot freeze the creamy cheese as it will lose its fluid consistency.

Even if you freeze the hard cheeses such as cheddar cheese or blue cheese, their texture will become mealy and crumbly.

There are many other types of cheese that you cannot freeze. For instance, you cannot freeze cream cheese, stilton, camembert, brie, low-fat cheeses, etc. So, make sure to freeze hard or semi-hard cheeses only.

Can You Freeze the Cottage Cheese?

So, how do we preserve the cottage cheese in case we have bought too much cottage cheese? Most people freeze the cheese to use it later on.

As described earlier, we can freeze the hard cheeses. Cottage cheese is not a hard cheese.

It loses its flavor and texture having been frozen. The liquid content of the cottage cheese spoils its taste.

However, you can still use cottage cheese in dishes with fluid.

For instance, you can use cottage cheese in soups, casseroles, lasagna, sauces, and cakes. You can store the cottage cheese in the freezer for six months.

How to Freeze the Cottage Cheese?

If you would like to freeze the cottage cheese, you should undertake the following steps for freezing the cottage cheese:

  • Freezing Shredded Cheese: We recommend you freeze the cottage cheese in shredded form. You should shred the cheese into a plastic zipper bag. Then, shut it firmly. The plastic zipper bag should be airtight.
  • Keeping the Entire Cottage Cheese Slices in the Bag: You can also store the bigger slices of cottage cheese in the plastic zipper bags.
  • Dividing the Cheese Smartly: You should divide the cheese smartly into different parts. Try to keep the cheese in different parts in the plastic zipper bag. So, you can cook it all at a time.


You can freeze the cottage cheese in airtight plastic zipper bags. Later, you should each zipper bag at a time for making any dish.

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