Can Dogs Have Cottage Cheese?

Have you not lived with the dogs? You have missed a lifetime opportunity. When you reside with a companion, you should understand their habits.

Dogs cannot eat the things that you do. You should not just give it a scoop of everything that you cook for yourself.

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Some food items endanger the health of dogs. For instance, some dogs are lactose intolerant while others can eat dairy products.

Some food items such as rice, lean meat, popcorn, kidneys, peas, peanut butter, and parsley are some of the most important food that you can eat.

However, you would be astonished to know that there are also some food items that spoil the health of people.

So, do good research on dog food before giving them a full plate.

Can Dogs Have Cottage Cheese?

Yes. Dogs can enjoy eating cottage cheese. Cheese is the best training tool for puppies. There are some dogs that enjoy eating the cheese.

But many dog owners have also confirmed the fact that some dogs are lactose intolerant.

So, you need to consider the reaction of the dog to the cottage cheese. Otherwise, it can spoil the stomach of the dog.

There are different kinds of cheese available in the market. We can only use cottage cheese for various reasons.

Why Should We Give Cottage Cheese to Dogs?

Why Should We Give the Cottage Cheese to the Dogs

Some dogs are obese. They need to lose the extra unwanted pounds. Cheese has a large number of fats, which can cause them to gain weight.

So, you must not feed your dogs the cheese that has a higher number of calories. Rather, you should offer them cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese has a higher protein, it also has a higher level of calcium in it.

It does not cause the dogs to gain weight in no time. Rather, it will add protein and calcium to their routine.

So, the addition of cottage cheese means adding some extra protein to the diet. There are also some other food items that have a higher number of proteins such as peanut butter.

How Often Should You Give  Cottage Cheese to Dogs?

You cannot feed with the bigger chunks of cottage cheese every day. The cottage cheese should only be taken in the moderation.

It must only provide 10% of the dietary fibre to the dogs. Keep in your mind that moderation is important for dogs.

Otherwise, it can have adverse effects on the health of people. A spoonful l of cottage cheese or two of these spoons is enough for the dogs.

You can also skip the cottage cheese for a few days. So, give full attention to the diet of your dog.

Bottom Line

You can feed the cottage cheese to your dog. You should remember in your mind how much to feed your dog.

Cottage cheese is a healthy option for adding proteins and calcium to the diet of your dog.

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