Can Dogs Have Cream Cheese?

Life is not complete without the canine friendship. If you are living life without a canine companion, you must not enjoy life the way we do.

The presence of the canine friendship in life increases our peace of mind. It makes us happy as well as satisfied.

When you have dogs at home, you do not need to find friendships in other places.

But what do you feed your so-much-loved friend?

Diet of Dogs – The Best Companions for Life

Diet of the Dogs

Dogs cannot eat the things that you do. There are some food items that can make your dog extremely ill.

You have to avoid lots of food items.

So, you have to enquire whether a dog can eat what you eat. So, can dogs have cream cheese? Let us answer the question in detail hereunder:

Can Dogs Have Cream Cheese?

The shortest answer is that cheese is not dangerous for dogs. However, it relies upon the individual’s sensitivities.

When you feed your dog cream cheese, you should check how it reacts or responds to the cream cheese.

Dogs can consume cheese, but there are some things that you should keep in mind for feeding cream cheese to the dogs. They are below:

a. Cheese Has Higher Amounts of Fat.

If your dog needs to lose weight, you should not offer it the cheese treats. It will cause it to gain lots of weight.

Also, if your canine has experienced pancreatitis, you should keep the chunks of cream cheese away from him.

b. Cheese is Salty.

There are different types of cheeses available in the market. It has higher amounts of salt content.

It is quite dangerous for the health of individuals. If your dog happens to eat larger chunks of cream cheese, it can poison the dog.

There are many dogs that can dilute the salt by eating freshwater. But you should never take huge risks.

The common symptoms of sodium poisoning include lack of vomiting, watery diarrhoea, third and other reasons.

If your dog undergoes these symptoms, you should call the vet.

Your dog should be experiencing kidney problems. All of these problems will be associated with the intake of highly salty food.

c. Toxic Contents in the Cream Cheese

Cheese can contain some added ingredients that can cause toxicity to the dogs. Garlic, chives, and onions are poisonous to the canines.

Make sure to list the ingredients in the cream cheese before offering them to your dog.

d. Lactose-Intolerant Dogs

Like humans, some dogs are lactose-intolerant. You should not give them cheese at all since cheese is made of milk.

As said earlier, you should treat your dogs with a bite of cream cheese. If they do not react to it, you can give them cheese.


Remember to not feed your dog with lots of cheese. You should get the full information regarding the diet of your dog from the vet.

Then, you can give good portions of cream cheese to your dogs.

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