Can Shredded Cheese Be Frozen?


Cheese is the most amazing ingredient that enhances the flavour of any dish in which it is used.

The cheese brings the best taste into the meal, which makes it even more tasteful.

When we go to the supermarket for shopping on a weekly basis, cheese is the first ingredient that we pick.

Due to the emphasis on cheese, most of us buy cheese as our priority. In some homes, cheese packets get piled up.

So, how do we save the cheese from getting wasted?

How Can We Preserve the Cheese?

How Can We Preserve the Cheese

You can simply preserve  cheese by freezing it. In the refrigerator, store the cheese in  zipper bags.

There is a complete procedure in which you can use to freeze cheese. For freezing cheese, you should measure the quantity to be used at home.

For instance, you can pack the quantity of cheese in the zipper bags that you normally use.

Then, shut the zipper bag. But you should make sure that the zipper bag is airtight.

Can We Freeze Shredded Cheese?

One question that bothers my mind is that can shredded cheese be frozen. All types of cheese that you freeze lose some of their flavour and texture.

You cannot freeze all types of cheese. There are some soft, hard, and semi-hard cheeses.

The hard cheeses are the ideal cheeses to be frozen. So, you can freeze the cheddar cheese, queso fresco, queso panela, paneer, and other hard cheeses.

Besides these, you can also freeze semi-hard cheeses such as paneer.

The paneer is the Indian type of cheese that does not deform due to direct or indirect heat easily. It also does not lose its flavour or texture, at all.

However, the hard cheeses and semi-hard cheeses lose their texture and flavour.

So, you have to use the cheese in liquid form. They cannot remain solid having been defrosted.

So, it is ideal to freeze the cheese in shredded form. Then, you would only layer the cheese onto the baking tray or cook it in the pot.

How to Freeze Shredded Cheese?

The main question is how you can freeze  shredded cheese. Here is how :

  1. Shredding the Cheese: First of all, you should shred the cheese in a large bowl. Keep the bowl at room temperature.
  2. Choosing the Storage Box: Then, you should pack the large quantity or required quantity into the zipper bags. You can also use the containers or zipper bags for freezing the shredded cheese. If you would like to preserve the cheese for one month period, you can store the airtight zipper bags in the containers. This is how you will store the shredded cheese in a safe place.
  3. Storing the Cheese: Take the required quantity, and place it inside the storage box. Keep the boxes inside the refrigerator.


Before using, make sure to defrost the cheese and use it in any dish that you want. You can freeze the cheese for 01 month period.

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