Cheese That Doesn’t Melt

In the summertime, we love cheese that melts. Gulping down the creamy cheese in a hamburger is the best time of summer.

When cheddar cheese melts on a pizza or into sandwiches, it brings lots of charm to our hearts.

When the sandwich gets gooey, there is nothing more satisfying in this world than melted cheese.

However, when the weather becomes hotter, we should consider having cheese that does not melt.

There are some cheeses that melt and there are some cheeses that do not melt. Following we have given details regarding the cheese that does not melt upon exposure to direct or indirect heat.

Here are the cheeses that do not melt:

1. Queso Panela (Hard to Melt Cheese)

Queso Panela is a fresh, smooth, and white Mexican cheese. It consists of pasteurized cow’s milk.

Queso de la canasta is the best type of cheese that serves as an amazing appetizer dish.

Most expert chefs use it in quesadillas. Queso Panela is a type of cheese that is a Greek Work.

It derives from the Basket cheese. The Queso Panela is similar to the Indian cheese, called Palmer.

2. Queso Fresco (Difficult to Melt Cheese)

Queso Fresco is a fresh cheese, which is not aged. People only cure it for a few days.

It has a mild, soft, fresh, and tangy white cheese. The Queso Fresco cheese is a staple cheese in different Mexican kitchens.

As it is hard to melt cheese, people sprinkle the cheese over the quesadillas, burritos, and tacos, etc. The Queso Fresco is a white cheese that has an acidic and tangy taste.

3. Indian Paneer Cheese

The Paneer cheese is a type of cheese that cannot melt easily. This is a cottage cheese commonly found in the subcontinent.

It is made of buffalo milk or cow milk. The Indian Paneer Cheese is a non-melting, non-aged and soft cheese.

It consists of curdled milk and vegetable-derived or fruit-derived acids such as lemon juice.

The acid set gives  Indian paneer a unique taste.

4. Halloumi Feta

Halloumi is quite similar to feta cheese. However, it is quite different from the feta in the sense that it is firm.

Feta cheese melts easily, but  Halloumi cheese does not melt. It is a hard cheese that has a tangy and amazingly delicious taste.

It has high-melting-point, which means that you can grill it with chicken and have an amazing barbeque party.

5. Cotija Cheese

The cotija cheese is Mexican cheese. It is made of cow’s milk, which is named after the state of Michoacán.

The cotija cheese has white colour, which is firm and dry in its texture.

The cotija cheese also has a milky and salty flavour.

Since this is not an aged cheese, it is similar to feta cheese. Its taste is moistened and crumbly.


The Halloumi, cotija, paneer, queso fresco, and queso panela cheese is a hard cheese that does not melt easily.

There is also much other cheese such as ricotta and soft goat cheese that does not melt easily.

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