Tips for Chinese Restaurant Fried Rice at Home

If you fail to cook the fried rice of your favorite Chinese restaurant at home. Then you need to learn that you can be successful in the future by using some common elements and methods.

Here are some tips for making fried rice that tastes amazing like hot fare from your family’s desired Chinese restaurant.

Making Chinese Restaurant Fried Rice at Home

Use Extra Hot Wok to Cook Your Fried Rice

Accurate Chinese fried rice is cooked in a very hot wok. Extra frying pays to the final texture of your fried rice.

For this reason, your fried rice needs to be cooked in a really heated pan. Trying to fry your rice before the wok comes to the right temperature will affect it in a sticky touch.

Use Peanut Oil to Make Pure Fried Rice

You must use oil when you are cooking fried rice, so you should use only peanut oil for your pure fried rice. Heat the peanut oil until it bangs and spits while you are soaked in water on it.

Only Make Fried Rice with Cold Rice

Since fried rice was made as a way to use surplus rice in a Chinese kitchen, it is important to cool the rice when it is fried. Rice used for fried rice should sit in your fridge for at least one day before being used for frying.

If you try to make fried rice with newly cooked warm rice, your fried rice will become stiff and sticky on the ground.

Use the Right Rice When Making Fried Rice

If you don’t cook regularly, you may be amazed to learn that you can buy a variety of rice. Most Chinese restaurants make fried rice from jasmine rice.

Jasmine rice has a stunning texture and smell, which makes it perfect for this claim.

Add Soy Sauce Instead of Salt

Finally, many fried rice recipes need to add salt as a flavor, as traditional Chinese fried rice uses soy sauce as its flavor. For an authentic taste, just use soy sauce to taste your fried rice.

Final Word

Hopefully, these tips help you to make Chinese restaurant fried rice. So don’t waste your time follow our tips and start cooking.

Gather your family and eat this special dish. If you have face any problem feels free to tell us.


What is the secret to good fried rice?

Flavor with soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sesame oil.

Soy sauce is a salt ingredient, rice vinegar refreshes the dish and sesame oil gives a fun note that is absolutely delicious.

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