Cooking Rice is an Art

Rice is the great grain in the world. This is the ultimate care and the best part is that anyone can build it.

If you can boil water or press a button, you can cook rice. Concentrate on it, you can become skilful in it.

Cooking rice is not an art but it is essential to learn. There are many hacks to master the art of cooking rice perfectly.

If you have not yet had mystical skill with plain white rice, read this. So let’s begin.

How to Cook Rice

How to Cooking Rice-min


A rice cooker is the best friend for cooking rice. Without these tools, you can’t cook white plane rice.

There are plenty of tools you can try using but they are not ideal for cooking rice. Washing rice is made easier by tools, especially rib bowls made for washing rice.

Special rice-lightening bowls with built-in filters are useful for people like me who always lose a good pinch of rice under the drain.

The Rinse

First, you need to wash the rice using cold water. But the question is how many times do you need to wash?

The magic number is three. The secret is to wash slowly and draw a circle around the washing bowl with your hands.

First, you should be washed quickly then Just soak the grains before they get wet and remove the water. The second wash is a little bit tough but you can do it.

Surround the rice until the water is white and weak. The third is because some people do the third.

The Soak

We will start the chat with the ratio of water to rice as experts recommend using directly soaked water for cooking rice. Here was a method to quantify the water ratio from rice to finger.

It is an easy solution but does not work all time. You can measure 1: 2 parts of rice in water.

The suggested quantity of rice in the ratio of water to weight is about 1: 1.5. One thing to keep in mind that soak your rice for at least 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, stick the rice and water in the pot and start cooking.

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Should you rinse rice after cooking?

Many people recommend that there are three magic numbers, but it should be washed in extra stiff water until it is no longer cloudy. When cooked you will get less scrap and the rice you make will be less hot.

What is cooked rice called?

The term steamed rice or boiled rice is also usually used. Any form of Asian rice of any color, African rice or wild rice, long, medium- or low-grained can be used.

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