Do Mice Like Peanut Butter


For getting rid of the mouse, you have to set the traps for them. Homeowners have to wait for the time until they get caught in the trap.

It becomes also possible that they may never get caught up. The reason for your failure may be that you are not setting the trap for the mice most effectively and quickly.

There are many things that you should take care for setting a perfect trap for the mouse.

Should We Cherish Mice As Pets?

There are many tricks that you can follow for trapping mice. Mice are so smart that they succeed in running away after eating the food.

But why do we not cherish the mice the way we do with dogs and cats? Mice are not gregarious or sociable animals.

They cannot live with humans the way cats and dogs do. Mice are also dangerous.

They walk or crawl in the bathroom or other gutter pipes. So, their unhygienic habits make them not a good choice for pets.

So, we also cannot allow the mouse to reside in our house. It is not healthy to let the mouse sit in the house.

How to Get Rid of Mice?

How to Get Rid of the Mice

There are multiple ways in which we get rid of the mice. Mice like a few things more than others. So, you need to set up an excellent trap so that they get attracted.

Mice like to eat things that have higher fat content. Cheese and butter are the most special and favourite snacks of the mice.

You cannot set them up by hanging a few pieces of chicken or meat in the trap. You need to set up a trap that will attract the mice. So, we recommend you put the things in the trap that will attract the mice in a few seconds.

Do Mice Like Peanut Butter?

Who would go to the market for fetching the meat or fatty ingredients? All of us have peanut butter in higher quantities at home.

So, many homeowners question whether we can put the peanut butter in the trap for catching the mice.

It is a fun question because peanut butter is also an attractive trap for humans.

If you keep peanut butter in a dessert, kids and elders will too come forward into the trap of licking peanut butter.

Mice like to eat peanut butter because it has a higher quantity of fats. It is cheesy and creamy. So, mice will be attracted to the peanut butter.

How to Set the Trap with peanut Butter?

You can keep a small bowl in the trap in which you will pour the peanut butter.

Otherwise, you can also place the peanut butter in the trap so that mice come and fetch it.

You need to place the fresh peanut butter every day so that its smell targets the mice.


Now, you can catch the mice by alluring them with the smell of peanut butter. Place a teaspoon of peanut butter on the trap, and set the amazingly luring trap for mice.

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