Do Spiders Eat Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the most commonly found and bothersome insect that feeds the blood of humans but also feed on animals or pets such as dogs, cats, or birds.

They are very tiny in measurement and thus, become the most strenuous task to find them.

They look like oval shape bodies and are brown. In contrast to their size, the health risks they poses are on a huge scale.

Their bites can be painless but can cause several skin diseases which include rashes, allergies, stinging, irritation to the skin, and a lot more.

They usually reside in the darker region such as under or corner of the furniture, and your mattress where they cannot be seen.

It usually comes with your stuff for example your clothing, filthy bed or couch, and so on.

They usually are active and tend to bite you at the night.

Research shows that these bugs procreate in large numbers and quite rapidly. Even though they are annoying, there are no proven studies of them being contagious.

Although they are not harmful, they can be quite annoying and a nuisance to us.

Do spiders eat bed bugs?

Some species feed on those bed bugs. And one of them is the spiders. Spiders belong to Arachnids, a group of species that are found all across the world.

Ever wonder what these spiders feed on to be alive? Well, there are quite many such as flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, moths, etc. and those bed bugs are on the list as well.

Although they look frightening but sometimes can be super favourable to us. They do their work without us knowing at all.

Also, there is a myth of spiders biting people which is not true as we are not the appropriate food for those small spiders.

They are usually known to have more than 40,000 species all across the world. Not all spiders are harmful to human beings, but yes, there are quite a few of them that are proven to be dangerous to the human species.

More than half of the species are carnivorous and prey on all sorts of little insects.

Do bed bugs attract spiders?

There is no research or studies that determine the statement of spiders being attracted to bed bugs.

The studies demonstrate that spiders are being attracted to many other factors and thus attracted and build their web in our houses. A few of them are stated below: –

The condition of the atmosphere plays a huge role. Spiders tend to inhabitant the extremes of warm and cool regions.

The filthier and more unhygienic a place is, the more chances of spiders residing there.

Dirtiness attracts all sorts of insects like mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches which can be a good source of food for those spiders.

They build their web on the areas which are rarely accessible such as corners of the ceilings, wardrobe, and any unused boxes or items.

There are many more causes as to what spiders are attracted to but bed bugs specifically are not one of them.

What kind of bugs eats bed bugs?

What kind of bugs eats bed bugs

Numerous predators eat these small and tiny bed bugs. Few of them are mostly found in your house like cockroaches, ants, spiders, and so on.

Apart from that, even lizards are known to feed on those bed bugs. Rumour says that dogs or cat feeds on those bugs which are false.

There are a lot of insects that act as a foe to those bed bugs by feeding on them.

Cockroaches are the most commonly found in almost every home due to several reasons.

They usually hide in hard-to-reach places and darker regions such as our wardrobe, corners of kitchen shelves, etc.

They love to live in an unhygienic place and that’s why always able to find their food easily.

Next are Spiders. As already discussed above, Spiders are one of those insects that feed on bed bugs by capturing them in their trap.

Other predators that eat those bugs are ants.

Numerous species of ants eat bed bugs but one of them is PHARAOH ANTS, which are specifically known for eating those bugs.

They are smaller in size as compared to an adult bed bug but still manage to eat them.

The Masked bed bug hunter is known to be the natural enemy of bed bugs.

The Suitable atmosphere for them to live in is hot and dry regions. They are brown and some of them can fly.

They hunt all kind of bugs and bed bugs comes in one of their favourite lists. Even though they are advantages of Masked hunters for getting rid of those bed bugs, they are dangerous and pose a risk to humans as they are known to spread infectious diseases.

Their bits can be quite painful to us humans and that’s why should be aware of them.

Next, there are centipedes. The unique factor of these bug eaters is that They are not insects and belong to the class of arthropods.

These predators feed on everything right from the small bug to the big cockroaches.

It’s quite tough to find centipedes in your home as there are no clues they leave to guess their whereabouts.

There is also a species of lizards named Gecko which is Especially known to eat those bed bugs.

There are so many types of bugs and insects to which bed bugs serve as their food.

Do bed bugs move fast like a spider?

Bed bugs move rapidly by crawling from one place to another but cannot be compared to the speed of spiders.

Facts state that a bed bug moves by Approximately 3 or 4 feet per minute well as a spider is known to move by approx. 1.7 feet per second which are beyond closer.

Thus, By the above comparison only, we can gauge the fact that bed bugs do not move as fast as spiders.

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