What Does Gruyere Cheese Taste Like?

If you have ever eaten the Gruyere cheese, you must be aware that it is a yellow cheese.

The gruyere cheese is a hard cheese, which consists of cow’s milk. Once you prepare the gruyere cheese, it ripens for two months period on the wooden boards at room temperature.

Users turn the gruyere cheese upside down after a few days. It has an even distribution of moisture, which enhances the overall taste of the gruyere cheese to a greater extent.

People cure the gruyere cheese for up to 10 months.

The smoky and earthy flavour of the gruyere cheese increases as it ages. The longer you leave it foraging, the more earthy and intense flavour it gets.

Origin of Gruyere Cheese

People have named it after the town in which the chef originally made it.

Gruyere cheese is a strong and firm cheese that has a creamy, rich and pale yellow colour that has a nuttier taste. The Gruyere cheese has small holes that represent the main determining feature of the Swiss cheese.

The bacteria create the small holes as they occur after releasing gas bubbles. Gruyere does not have bigger eyes. Other types of Swiss cheese have larger and wider eyes.

The Texture and Flavour of  Gruyere Cheese

The Texture and Flavor of the Gruyere Cheese

Gruyere cheese is a smooth and melting-type Swiss cheese. It consists of whole cow milk, which is cured for six months normally.

Some people also cure it for a year so that it gets enriched smoky flavour. Gruyere has an amazing taste which is why it is an outstanding table cheese.

This is a term that refers to the cheese that people eat like a sandwich. It is a bigger part of the cheese platter, which has amazing melting cheese.

Gruyere cheese is used for making two amazingly delicious traditional fondue recipes.

Some people pair it with the Emmental for making Croque monsieur – a classic grilled Gruyere sandwich that is a staple for every household French Parisian Bistros.

An Amazingly Melting Delicious Cheese

Not all types of cheese turn gooey when they cook it. The Gruyere cheese is an amazing ideal cheese that brings creaminess into the dish.

If you are making a dish that requires nice creaminess, you need to use the gruyere cheese.

The Gruyere cheese is made of cow milk. Chefs curdle the milk in which people squeeze and separate the excess water by pressing the curd.

Rennet is the enzyme that is used for curdling the cheese. There are many kinds of cheese in the market that people curdle with chemical acids such as queso fresco or ricotta.

They do not melt in a natural way the way Gruyere cheese does.

Bottom Line: Alternatives for  Gruyere Cheese

If gruyere cheese is not available, you can use various alternative cheeses. For instance, you can use the Jarlsberg, beaufort, and reclette, comte or Emmental.

These are the best recipes that you can use in the recipes that need creaminess.

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