How Long Do Tea Lights Burn


A tea light is a small candle that is placed inside a metal case. The tea light is often used for decoration purposes. It is also used as a stand for keeping drinks or food warm.

Tea light candles are chemical-free, toxic-free, and smoke-free. A tea light candle does not create any smoke or drip candle wax on your furniture.

In a tea light candle, the wax melts inside the metal case and the candle burns continuously. The candle liquefies completely in the candle cup.

Normally, tea light candles are circular in shape and small in diameter and height. The height of the tea light candle is smaller than its diameter. Tea light candles have a wider diameter.

Tea light candles create a special ambience that looks ethereal and beautiful. Tealight candles are the proper choice for scented lights.

Tea lights candles are often scented with varieties of scents. It is also a popular choice for accent lighting. Due to the small size of the tea light, people usually burn many candles at the same time.

Design of a Tea LightDesign of the Tea Light

The Wick of the tea light is attached to a metal piece. The metal piece of the tea light stops the wick from floating and burning out. It keeps the tea light burning continuously.

The standard shape of the tea light cup is circular. Circular tea light consists of polycarbonate plastic.

It is a clear plastic in which the wax of the candle is visible.

The clear plastic cup design is more common among consumers.

Varieties of  Tea LightsVarieties of the Tea Lights

There are multiple varieties of tea lights. Tea lights are offered in multiple sizes and shapes. Tealights often come in various types of sizes and shapes.

They are available in circular shapes that are small and cylindrical. A common tea light candle has a power output of 32 watts – the power output depends on the type of wax utilized.

Tea lights are also available in multiple scents. Tea lights are perfect for aromatherapy.

Electrical Tea Light Candles

You can also find electrical tea lights. There are multiple designs of LED Electrical Tea Lights. These tea lights come in stupendous designs.

People can also find tea light candles in alternating colours, which create a good ambience.

Though electrical tea lights may not have a natural aroma, electrical tea lights create a good aroma in the environment.

Electrical tea lights are a good solution for the illumination of hospitals during blackouts.

Electrical tea lights can be left unattended for an extended period of time.

Electrical tea lights are also preferred for religious purposes. For instance, Jews utilize the tea lights for Friday nights and Jewish Holidays.

How Long Do Tea Lights Burn?How Long Do Tea Lights Burn

There are tea lights made using different methods. A tea light consists of wax and wick.

The amount of wax and wicks can affect the way tea lights burn. Following the burning duration of the tea lights is discussed:

i. Structure of a Tea Light Candle

A tea light candle, which is made of 1 ounce of wax and a small wick, burns for about 10-11 hours. If a candle is made of 1 ounce of wax but with bigger wicks, it can burn for 7 to 8 hours duration. It depends on the structure of the candle.

ii. Weight of the Candle

The duration of candle burning can also be checked by checking the weight of the tea lights. To check the duration of tea light burning, follow this process:

  1. First of all, weigh the candle on a weight machine.
  2. Then, light up the candle for an hour continuously
  3. Make sure to check the diameter of the candle after a one-hour duration.
  4. Then, calculate the diameter calculating hours.
  5. You have counted the time in which your wax tea light candle will burn out.

iii. Floating in Water Candle Tea Lights

Tea light candles are usually decorated in the water. Tea lights are often decorated in a large bowl of water. Usually, flower petals are also put in the bowl.

Then, float the tea light candles above the water. When tea lights are left floating in the water, they burn for 3 hours.

You can buy from different brands that offer great-quality water floating candles. Those special floating candles can last up to 4 hours.

iv. Electrical Tea Light Candles

There are electrical tea light candles that run on batteries. LED tea light candles are flameless, which means that they run on an electric current.

Electrical tea light candles are fake candles that flicker similar to real candles. Different tea light candles have different types of batteries.

Normally, the battery of an electrical tea light candle would burn for 8-9 hours. However, customers have commented that electrical tea light candles would burn for 12-14 hours.

v. Walmart Tea Light Candles

Walmart is a global retailer that offers top-quality candles for a low price. The business mantra of Walmart candles is, “get more for less amount of money”.

Walmart wax candles burn for 4-5 hours. There are large collections of Walmart tea light candles that are available in multiple sizes and shapes.

Walmart also offers LED candles that are a super-quality solution for decorators. Walmart wax and electrical candles are available at an economic price.

vi. Ikea Tea Light Candles

Ikea also offers great-quality tea light wax and electrical candles.

The Wax candle burns for four hours without causing any smoke or smell. Ikea candles also do not leave any waxy residue inside the candle holders.

Unscented tea lights by Ikea have a higher height than the average tea light heights. This is why it has unique and amazing looks similar to a votive candle.

Ikea tea light candles are used for religious purposes. Christians and Jews use Ikea candles for their prayer purposes.

Bottom Line

Having known the amount of time it burns, you should never leave the candles unattended. You can only leave the LED tea light candles unattended.

Otherwise, you must remain careful about the wax candles for they can spark a fire at any moment.

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