How Many Calories In A Stick Of Butter

Butter has a bad reputation in our society. It is so because people believe that butter causes people to gain weight in mysterious ways.

Some people had said that once you eat pie, it will cause you to gain weight for many more days to come.

Does it sound all mythical? This is how the reputation of butter is. You believe anything that people tell you about the butter. It is not true.

There are many benefits of butter. You need to read the benefits so as to include the sticks of butter in your daily life.

Benefits of Butter

Benefits of the Butter

Butter is the most essential part of our daily dairy requirements. There are many dietary benefits of butter consumption.

Butter offers many important nutrients to our body. It will not be healthy for you to abandon the usage of butter in the diet.

You should include lots of butter in the daily meal, but you need to eat it in the moderation. Following are some of the top benefits of the butter:

a. Reducing Chances of Occurrence of Cancer

The sticks of butter help in lowering the chances of occurrence of cancer in an individual. It has the elements that fight the agents of cancers in a human’s body.

There is lots of beta-carotene in the sticks of butter.  Beta-carotene is popular for reducing the occurrence of prostate cancer and lung cancer.

So, include it in your daily routine for reducing the likelihood of the occurrence of the sticks of butter.

b. Providing Health Benefits to the Eyes

Beta-carotene in the butter also offers greater benefits to the eyes. It helps in reducing vision loss.

v. Age-Related Health Problems

The higher levels of beta-carotene in the butter also cause a reduction in age-related health problems.

vi. Contains Vitamin D

Butter also contains vitamin d. it is essential for bone growth and development. There are many bone-related health problems that are avoided by eating the right amounts of butter on a daily basis.

v. Strengthening of the Skin

When you consume the right amount of butter on a daily basis, it also helps in enlivening the skin.

Butter contains vitamin E, which is healthful for the skin cells. It brings a natural shine to the skin. It also helps in improving the skin healing time.

Risk Factors of Butter

There is only one risk factor of butter, which is higher cholesterol. It has the elements that cause a person to have bad cholesterol.

But if a person eats the right amount of butter, they will not gain bad as well as bad cholesterol. Following is a complete chart of the nutritional value of butter:

Information Regarding Butter
Calories in a Stick of Butter810
Fat12 grams
Carbohydrates0 grams
Sugar0 grams
Protein0 grams
Fiber0 grams
Excellent SourcesVitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, and Calcium

Bottom Line

The reputation of butter is only bad because people overeat it. So, consider the calories of the butter and use it wisely.



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